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9 05, 2017

An Exciting Time For Our Specialty Rental Drapery Collections

By |May 9th, 2017|Company, News, Products|1 Comment

It is truly an exciting time to be a part of the Rent What? Inc. team lately. Not only are we gearing up to be in full summer touring and production season (when things really start to get busy for us!), but we are also in the midst of revamping our Rental Specialty Drapery Collections with some new and absolutely STUNNING pieces that we can now offer to all of our amazingly creative clients. The best part is that these draperies are user-friendly, and ready to be hung up and dazzle your audience—right out of the bag or hamper!

Recently we did a photo shoot at the opulent Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, California, to showcase many of our stunning new drapery sets and individual pieces primarily from our Timeless and Traditional, Oh So Swanky, and Silver Satin drapery collections. These beautiful photos (and accompanying video, all done by skilled photographer Tom Underhill) are going to be showcased online over the next few weeks. And we couldn’t be more excited to share these new alluring, versatile, and completely unique stage design options with all of our clients very soon!

Let our team of drapery experts know if there is a specific design that you are dreaming about, and we will help you turn that vision into a reality with some of our gorgeous specialty rental drapes today!

11 04, 2017

Crushed Silver Satin Helps Create Mesmerizing Stage Design

By |April 11th, 2017|Products, Projects|1 Comment

We love providing sensational rental specialty drapes for our clients’ concerts, productions, and school events, and we also love providing them with the most ideal purchased soft goods. And even better yet, it’s especially fantastic when we get to provide a mix of rental and purchase together–so that they get exactly what they need to help them create a one-of-a-kind stage design that will completely wow their audiences!

Recently we got to work with BJ Garmon, the very creative Theater Manager and Technical Director at St. John’s School in Houston, Texas, on some of the design elements needed for their school production of Curtains, The Musical. He needed to recreate one of the pivotal scenes in the original play’s stage design, and he ended up choosing some of our gorgeous Silver Crushed Satin Legs from our “Silver Satin Collection” of specialty rental drapes. However, he also wanted to dress up parts of the set with some smaller pieces of the same fabric, but didn’t necessarily need such large drapery pieces. So he ended up purchasing some yardage of the same exact IFR Silver Crushed Satin fabric to help add extra embellishments to the parts of the stage he needed to. The final look was truly spectacular!

As the set designer for this production, BJ also worked with skilled Lighting Designer Arron Garrett to help create this dazzling stage design. Because our versatile Silver Satin Collection drapes reflect lighting so brilliantly, Arron did a really exceptional job giving the stage various distinctively beautiful looks by changing the lighting schemes and intensities throughout the scene. Photographed superbly by photographer David Elder, you can see how a simple change of lighting really helped give the stage design an exciting, dramatic feel. With such an incredibly talented team working on this production, their show turned out to be a smashing success! Let one of our specialists assist you to choose the most captivating specialty rental draperies and custom stage curtains for your special event or production, because sometimes combining rental goods with purchased goods is the perfect way to really astonish your audience with a one-of-a-kind look!

22 03, 2017

Choose Red Rental Stage Drapes for a Classic Design

By |March 22nd, 2017|Products, Projects|1 Comment

For many production designers, stage drapes in shades of red are the perfect choice to evoke a classic, timeless feel to the set. Consider how often you have walked into to a venue, whether it be a small school auditorium or a large performing arts center, and discovered that the venue’s beautiful grand drapes are – you guessed it – a shade of red. From bright tomato to deep burgundy, and various shades in between, red never goes out of style for stage drapery.

Because red is popular with stage, touring production, and event designers, Rent What? created the “Rockin’ Red” Drapery Collection of rental stage drapes. All in rich shades of red and burgundy, the majority of drapery in this collection is sized for use in small theatres (23’h x 40’w) and large theatres and arenas (30’h x 60’w).

The Rockin’ Red Collection includes:

  • Crimson Cabaret Grand Bi-Parting Drapery: Encore Velour, highlighted by gold digitally printed elements along with gold trim and bullion fringe.
  • Venetian Contour Curtains: Super-Vel and Encore Velour
  • Austrian Curtain: Satin
  • Swags: Super-Vel and Illusion
  • Pleated Borders: Super-Vel
  • Pleated Legs: SuperVel, Encore Velour, and Illusion

Here are just a few examples of the gorgeous rental stage curtains in this collection:

Monsters of Folk at the Greek

Monsters of Folk selected this Burgundy Super-Vel Venetian Contour Curtain for this show at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Visit our Monsters of Folk Flickr album to see more photos.

Red Super-Vel Swags and Legs set the stage for the 2011 Pinnacle Awards.

Crimson Cabaret Grand Bi-Parting Drapes fit the mood.

Our Red Satin Austrian Curtain dressed the stage at the Pollstar Awards.

This YouTube video highlights the Rockin’ Red Drapery Collection.

You see – red isn’t just for Christmas or Valentine’s Day! Red drapes are beautiful year round and in a variety of settings. Are you thinking about using red stage drapes as part of your next tour or event design? Give us a call or contact us online – we’d love to help!

6 03, 2017

Silver Satin Swag Drapery makes perfect background for Olivia Newton-John Concert

By |March 6th, 2017|Products, Projects|1 Comment

I love to share the spectacular concert scenes that we have decorated with drapery over the years. There is so much to learn from looking thru our photo archives of old projects.  With so many flame-retardant backdrops and drapes in inventory at Rent What? Inc, and such a variety of creative ways to use them, there is always something eye-popping to show off.

I thought for this post that I would share some pictures and information from Olivia Newton-John’s US tour which featured pieces from our Silver Satin Collection. As you know our rental inventory is hamper friendly and tour ready, making our backdrop and drapery pieces the perfect fit for touring artists. As a fabric, Gloss Satin has proven itself to be a durable, show-stopping option for touring concert draperies. The color silver is unique in that it lights to almost any color, and has a gorgeous hi-tone offering eye popping reflection in a fully lit stage environment.

Olivia Newton-John performed at the Fantasy Springs Casino in California with her rental drapery set from Rent What? Inc.  What a dynamic stage scene! Love the gorgeous colors and overall glamour of this designed rental set. (Design by Butch Allen)

Used for this tour were 2 swags and a baseline of pre-pleated drapery panels.  This particular look can be adjusted to fit within either a 24h x 40w stage landscape, or used for a 30h x 60w concert size installation.  The pieces are pre-sewn and come out of the hamper ready to go.  No muss and no fuss.  Just hang and add lights and artist and you have yourself one spectacular scene.

For clients who are moving in and out of different venues of varying stage sizes, this set is particularly flexible.  As each of the swags and pleated drape segments is sewn with its own individual webbing and ties, it means that they can be placed or positioned differently each night to fill the space required.  For low trim options, just fly the drapes into the stage deck and do a quick tuck and roll! Major flexibility, eliminating the need for an A-rig vs B-rig package.  Look at more Silver Satin Collection Photos on our website to get even more inspiration.

Our ambition at Rent What? Inc is to acquire new and modern pieces for this Silver Satin Series. Challenge us with your design – our team of fabric artists will create it for you.  Rebellious creativity, surprising ingenuity and an against-all-odds, must-do approach to customer service are our most unique company attributes.

20 02, 2017

Inspirational Videos for Tour Stage Design

By |February 20th, 2017|Products, Projects|1 Comment

I was going through our website today, and I came upon one of our videos. It’s been awhile since I watched it, and in watching it again, I was struck by how inspirational it is, so I thought I’d share it here.

By showcasing a wide variety of custom sewing projects we have done over the years – from custom digital backdrops to Austrian Curtains and swags to dramatic LED drapes – I think you’ll agree that this video is chock full of ideas that you can use in your next tour stage design.

Looking for more ideas and inspiration? Visit our YouTube page – we have almost 150 different videos featuring custom stage curtains, band backdrops, mixed media drapes, rental stage curtains, and much more!