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20 08, 2018

Indie Artist Rocks Out In Front Of Exceptionally Stunning Custom Drapes

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No one rocks out on stage quite like our Sew What clients do—and no two are alike! So why should their drapes be alike? Recently our Senior Account Manager Shane Nelsen worked with the team for powerhouse Australian Indie Rock singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett’s current International tour. They wanted us to help to create some custom stage drapes that would give them a one-of-a-kind look that would allow their team to transform all sizes and types of tour stages — from larger-than-life outdoor arenas to more intimate club and theatre venues.

Courtney Barnett - Courtney Melba Barnett with Bones Sloane, Dave Mudie, Dan Luscombe & Katie Harkin

This past spring, gifted lighting designer Heather Cosette contacted Shane Nelsen. Heather had developed an innovative design concept for the upcoming tour, and she wanted our help in making her design come to life. Shane was more than happy to take on this challenge! Heather’s design was based on a traditional  “Austrian drape” pattern. However, rather than sewing these drapes with the customary 4 ft swags, or “smiles,” that a typical Austrian drape has, she wanted these 30’h drapes to all have a dramatic single 20’w swag instead.

Courtney Barnett

Next up was choosing the right fabric. Heather envisioned an opaque metallic fabric that would look fantastic indoors and outdoors, with or without colorful theatrical lighting splashed onto it, and from both near and far away. Shane highly recommended FR Black-Silver Metallic Knit Boucle, and once she saw how dazzling this fabric appeared (especially with swags and fullness sewn in), she never looked back! The various lighting elements sometimes made the drapes look shimmery, other times like sheet metal, and still other times almost velvety in texture.


We were beyond thrilled with how spectacular these versatile drapes turned out for Ms. Barnett’s tour, and we were very excited to be a part of this amazing, original project. Contact one of our reps today so that we can help turn your own design vision into “on-stage reality,” too! And if you can check out one of these brilliantly engaging shows this fall when the Courtney Barnett Tour comes back to the US in September and October, you can see these lovely drapes in person.

Dare to be inspired–You can see these distinctive custom drapes being showcased beautifully with additional photos in one of the new galleries on our SW Flickr page.

Courtney Barnett, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker at Surly Festival Field Minneapolis

29 05, 2018

White Voile Draperies Add Beautiful Elegance To Gala Wedding Event

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Recently we were honored to be a part of the culmination to the incredible, awe-inspiring journey of a wonderful young couple on their way to wedded matrimony, Tiffany and Caleb. Both individuals are extremely large-at-heart, and with a very important cause near and dear to them, they decided to do something a little different with their wedding. Rather than planning a “one day” event for their ceremony and reception, they wanted to put on a specially curated charity gala and benefit concert at the Wiltern Theatre here in Los Angeles instead.

This couple lives with the reality of the terrible and devastating genetic disease cystic fibrosis as a daily part of their life, as Caleb has personally been valiantly fighting this shattering condition since he was one years old. Calling it The Greatest Wedding Ever Donated (G.W.E.D.), together–with their generous fiscal sponsor The WayFarer Foundation, they hoped to utilize the sold-out local attendance, their story’s national exposure, and the overall platform of this special “big day” to encourage an open dialogue and raw/honest conversations about some very important, and sometimes difficult to discuss, prevalent social and medical issues. And in doing so, they also wanted to raise much needed money for research for their chosen non-profits for this event, including The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Global Genes.

The talented and innovative production designer that conceived the spectacular motif for this event was Art Arellanes with Arcadio Productions. He was tasked with finding a look for their staging that would work throughout the wide variety of elements to this marvelous event. Wanting drapes that will look exquisite by themselves, and also reflect light impeccably, he chose a mix of White Voile Drapes from our Delightably White Drapery Rental Collection. Starting with a beautiful single White Voile Pleated drapery leg to the center stage, he embellished the staging with his own tall columns of beaded crystals to give the stage an ethereal effect. And adding some of our attractive White Voile Swags (in 11’h x 16’w and 9’h x 11’w sizes), he was able to brilliantly bring the entire design together to produce an exceptionally remarkable stage. With a splash of some colorful lighting, he was able to completely change the look and feel of each individual section of the event (from the moving ceremony, to the exciting silent auction, to the enchanting singing performances, to the heartfelt speeches, and the fabulous reception in between).

We are extremely happy for this inspirational couple, Tiffany and Caleb, and wish them the very best of everything that life has to offer them. We know that the road ahead might be challenging for both of them, but we know that with one another—and the impressive amount of family and friends supporting them each step of the way—they will be able to address everything as it comes at them….. Together, and with the unfettered adoration that they sincerely have for one another.

We love being able to support our exceptional clients like Arcadio Productions, by aiding them to choose the perfect rental draperies from our gorgeous rental collections, helping them turn their design vision into a dazzling reality. Let our team of rental drapery experts assist you with creating a stunning and memorable look for your upcoming special event, too!


7 05, 2018

Showcasing Rental Drapery Collection–Silver Satin

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Sometimes choosing the right fabric for your stage or event design is just as important as the right style of drapery. Having an incredible stage drape won’t mean as much to your creative team if they are not able to use it towards creating their own unique vision. Having versatility is a fundamental aspect in many stage designs, whether they be for a trade show, church production, concert tour, special event—and everything in between.

Next time you want gorgeous theatrical event drapes that will add dimension and class to your stage’s appearance–yet still be adaptable enough to create a fresh new look for each part of the concert or even–choose rental drapes from our Silver Satin Drapery Collection, which happens to be the next fantastic drapery collection to be showcased! This collection is loaded with fabulously luxurious fabrics that are either inherently or durably flame retardant, and which all reflect lighting wonderfully. Stage designers near and far are appreciating how radiant and eclectic these drapes are, and that they work just as marvelously by themselves as they do blended with other drapes and embellishments.

A popular trend with a lot of stage productions, special events, and concerts this year has been to layer different styles of drapes to create an extremely dynamic and unique quality for their stage construction. The exquisite drapes from our Silver Satin Collection are perfect for mixing and matching with drapes from within its own collection, and as well the drapes from any of our drapery collections. Even though each of our specialty drapery collections contain a variety of drape sizes and styles to choose from–all of which work and play superbly together to create a fully orchestrated scene–these striking curtains in shades of silver, pewter, chrome, and grey lend themselves to one of the most diverse series of large scale theatrical rental drapes that we offer. You can rent as many or as few pieces from each collection as your vision desires, to make a truly captivating display!

Dress up your event with a variety of our Pleated Silver Satin, Cloud Satin, Smoky Pearl, Pewter Textura, and Silver Textura Legs, Swags, Swaggettes, Grand Bi-Parting Travelers, and Austrians to help create a stunning and memorable experience for your audiences, each and every time.  We also offer rental pipe and base drapery in velvety Grey Supervel and luxurious Pewter Encore Velour panels of 5’w and 15’w, for when you need floor-based supported, and yet extremely attractive, drapery that is modular and mobile. Adding a splash of theatrical stage lighting by projecting colorful lights and gobos onto these drapes will facilitate a change in the overall feel between different segments, song sets, and show pieces—making your design that much more riveting.

The more interesting and vibrant the stage is, the more unforgettable it will be for your audience. Let our team of experts help you create an absolute sensation for YOUR upcoming event or concert, too—using rental drapes, custom-built drapes, or a even a combination of both!

14 03, 2018

Versatile Silver Satin for Stage Drapes and Backdrops

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So often we have clients enquire about our rental drapes – asking which of our rental drapery collections is the most versatile for stage lighting.

Hands down – we always recommend our Silver Satin Collection. This collection of rental drapes is so extensive, from theatre legs to full arena sized Austrian curtains, swaggy borders to bi-parting main stage drapes.  Mix and match from our palette of silver satins and silks – and add in some black chrome illusion for the ultimate stage design.

We love this variety of silver patina fabrics! The lighting scenarios that the glossy silver and pewter toned cloth offers is so extensive.  We have seen clients use these drapes in a wide variety of ways, and under variable stage lighting conditions. With so many different results, it is hard to believe that they are all the same drapes!  That in a nutshell is the beauty of this collection.  No two events or installations will ever look the same.

Check out Jennifer Hudson in front of this mesmerizing stage design by Butch Allen – these massive silver swags are available for rent in our inventory. Contact us for more information.

Take the silver collection in the image below – here you see the same drapery elements, with a different installation configuration. Lit with burnt umber tones, the overall effect is both dramatic and vintage.  This timeless lighting design combined with the traditional visuals of swags and jabots takes the audience back to the 1940’s.

We miss Dolores dearly – the recent passing of the Cranberries lead singer certainly came as a shock to us here at Sew What? Inc.  We had many opportunities to supply softgoods over the years to this band, and our Silver Satin Collection was a go to for use on their tours.  Seen here, the Cranberries designer combined custom hard-set elements on fly bars to add depth to the stage and bring a thoroughly modern look to the design.  Add in our low-tech LED light strings as seen in this photo, and a whimsical world appears.

Fun design hint: See how the client added small silver swagettes at stage level to back the individual players? What a unique way to create spectacular photo-opportunity backgrounds for the concert photographers when taking close-up shots of the artists.

Does your design call for a variety of bright lighting palettes? Red – Blue – Purple? That’s not a problem.  These glossy silver tones take primary reds and blues with no issue.  Check out our 30’h x 60’w Silver Crushed Satin Austrian Stage Drape under LED stage lighting on a recent Lady Gaga tour.  As you can see – the versatility of silver cloth is unrivalled.

And last, but not by any means least……………..  Combine pieces from more that one drapery collection for the ultimate mix and match opportunity.  Seen here at the 57th LA County Holiday Celebration, a LED stardrop from our Starry Night Stardrop Collection is combined with a silver satin swag from the Silver Satin Collection.  Costumes, dancers, lights, sound, music.  The stage is sparkling with excitement, and our stardrop backdrop and satin swag certainly provides the perfect background.

Far more than stage curtains and theatrical drapery. Just like your audience, you want top performance. Sew What? delivers! Our Stage Curtains and Theatrical Draperies, Stage Backdrops, Curtain Tracks and Theatrical Supplies exceed your expectations and enhance your shows and events. With experience that ranges from the hottest rock concerts to the biggest theatrical events, to school auditorium performances, and just about any other kind of production under the sun, Sew What? is the answer. Click here to contact us or call us at (310) 639-6000 for information on our wide selection of rental drapery and custom drapery fabrication services.

11 01, 2018

Mix of Silver Satin Draperies Helps Create Sensational Stage

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Sometimes you may need to set a smaller stage for your special event, but you still want it to look lovely and memorable—and we are very happy to help out with that. However, sometimes you also may need to set an extremely large stage, too—and you better believe we love helping out with that, also! Last November we were thrilled to work with Deb and Michael Roccoforte, and the amazing team at Forte Productions, with designing a spectacular 120’w stage for this very special event— the incredibly inspiring 2017 Indiana Conference For Women.

We have been working with the creative folks at Forte for years, and are completely impressed with how they use drapes from our various rental drapery collections to help set their different styles of stages and productions. For this important event, they decided to complete the conference’s look with a mix of our rental theatrical curtains, all from our Silver Satin Collection.

Starting with a row of complimentary 30’h Silver Satin, Silver Textura, and Pewter Textura drapery legs, they embellished this grand stage with larger-than-life 16’h-22’h Crushed Silver Satin Swags. This helped fashion a clean, timeless appearance along the entire wall of the ballroom, but also create a more intimate feel for the stage itself and for its remarkable list of speakers and panelists.

Working with Bartha Audio Visual on all of the av aspects of this event, you can see with these photos the breathtaking design they were able to craft for this very special occasion. By using a gorgeous mix of our rental draperies, they were able to have their own unique vision become a stunning reality. These curtains light up like a dream, reflecting the colorful light splashed onto it with dazzling ease. With the simple change of some theatrical stage lighting, they were able to give the atmosphere of the conference a new, fresh look for each different element being introduced to the wholly enthralled crowd.

We were so honored to be a part of this marvelous event, and could not be more pleased with how beautiful our rental specialty drapes looked in this venue. Check out our revamped website today, and let our team of drapery experts help you find the perfect mix of soft goods for your upcoming concert tour, trade show, conference, or stage production, too!