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3 12, 2018

Another Fabulous SW Thanksgiving–With A Twist

By |December 3rd, 2018|Rent What Team, Sew What Team|1 Comment

Each year the entire RW?/SW? staff looks forward to our company-shared meal together to give thanks for all of the hard work everyone has put in during the extremely busy summer touring season, the hectic fall school productions and trade shows, gearing up for a multitude of winter holiday-themed custom and rental orders, and everything in between. Thanksgiving may have already come and gone, but the warm memories of the remarkably scrumptious food still live on in our hearts (and waistlines!).

For Thanksgiving this year, our company’s generous owners Megan and Adam Duckett decided to delight the entire staff with something a little different–a delicious catered Italian meal (from a nearby local mom-and-pop restaurant) that was absolutely fit for royalty. We had rich and creamy fettucine alfredo, savory and hearty penne marinara, mouthwateringly cheesy chicken parmigiana, crisp and crunchy Caesar and garden salads, and the softest Italian bread you’ve ever tasted to help soak it all up. Sharing this meal and having some lively conversations were a great way to connect with one another in a way that we don’t always have the opportunity to during the work week.

We then topped off this meal in the most amazing way possible—with desserts of ALL KINDS that were brought in by the employees themselves. Everyone relished a combination of homemade fudgy brownies, yummy pumpkin cupcakes and pies, tasty flans and cheesecakes, light and flakey cookies and madeleines, sweet pound cakes in a variety of flavors, and what has definitely become a staff favorite at company occasions like this one—a heaping platter of fresh bionico (made up of a variety of cut up fresh fruit, heavy cream, granola, raisins, and shaved coconut….In two words, it is simply pure bliss).  😉

It’s always nice to take a moment and realize all of the reasons we have to be grateful this year—especially in light of all of the incredible hardships that many of our fellow Southern Californians are experiencing right now. We are very thankful that we get to work in with a fantastic, family-oriented company that spoils us with these delectable treats on all kinds of special occasions. We are tremendously thankful for both our amazing new and long-time-loyal clients who help push us to stay at the very top of the game in this always-evolving industry. And we are truly thankful for one another—working with such a wonderfully talented team of smart, kind, generous, and hard-working individuals is not something that we take for granted, not for one single minute. Having everyone get to sit and enjoy a meal together—including a few beloved employees that no longer work for SW—was a terrific way for us to be able to show sincere appreciation for one another.

19 04, 2016

Meet the Sew What? and Rent What? Staff, Part 18: Marilyn

By |April 19th, 2016|Authors, Rent What Team, Sew What Team|2 Comments

Next in our “Meet the SW? Staff” blog series, I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to one of the most earnest, hard-working, and humorous staff members to ever join the “Whatters” family—Marilyn Moss! With many years in this industry, she offers a unique point of view regarding all things related to theatrical soft goods. Her sincere enthusiasm for her job, her infectious energy, and her willingness to learn as much as possible, have all made her one of our company’s most impassioned employees. Please take a moment to learn a little bit about this funny, creative, and genuine person by reading, in her own words, what excites her about working here at Sew What? Inc.!


When did you first start at Sew What? What were you originally hired to do, and how have your duties changed since working here?

I started the end of May 2015. I had applied for the purchasing position, and was absolutely stoked to be offered a position in sales and rentals. I was thrilled to be given an opportunity with this company— plus this also gave me a great reason to move out of the (San Fernando) Valley!  ;-).

If you could take a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

The world is so big with so many wonderful places to explore but there are two places I’d really like to go to. Having sold the “Queen’s hot sticky buns” at the Renaissance Faire and having studied their history – I’d really like to visit England. Rome is another place I’d like to go to. I am fascinated with their history and architecture. I would like to see and experience what I’ve read so much about.

What kind of work did you do before coming to Sew What?

Though I’ve been in “the business” for many years, I was actually working at a cemetery before coming here. I worked in the office doing data entry and assisting the owner manager, but I also helped people find family graves; people looking up family history. It was quite fascinating. Founded in the late 1800’s, the history of this particular cemetery was amazing. I really did learn lot! The main question I got from friends – “Isn’t it weird working there?” Not at all, actually! It was very …peaceful. Almost like working in a beautiful park.

Do you have a special talent?

I’m sure I have something…. (lol) Acting was once my passion and I hope to get back into it some day on a limited scale. Doing community theatre is so much fun. Dancing and writing especially. I also have a knack for organizing things, and am often found helping wayward friends and family with the organization of their closets, kitchens, anything!

What is your favorite memory/circumstance/event from being part of the Sew What? family?

I like the fun stuff we do together as a group – picnics, pot lucks and the pictures that get taken of everyone and posted online. I like the fun creations we make here, too. It’s amazing some of the things we’ve custom-built since I’ve been here. The sense that everything we do is a group effort; that everyone is important to each and every job on some level helps creates cohesiveness in the company. And I’m learning a lot! There is always something new to learn. (Oh, and I also just got a new SW? company shirt. Thanks!!)

What is your favorite sports team/TV Show/Book/Movie?

Favorite sport:  Formula one racing. The cars are amazing. To be able to go to Monte Carlo or Manza – what a thrill that would be! Can I add that to places I want to visit someday? 😉

Favorite movie: “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Is there anyone out there who hasn’t seen this movie? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. It’s amazing how connected everyone truly is, and you never know what kind of an affect you can have on another person’s life.

What are some of your hobbies?

Writing is something I enjoy doing – Creating characters and stories – it must be the actor in me.

What project have you worked on recently that was interesting or challenging?

One of the projects I worked on where I felt a true sense of accomplishment was the job we did for J. Berry Nursery. Not only were we able to provide a printed drop with LED lights and keep it priced within their budget, but the customer also won for Best 10’ x 20’ Exhibitor using the drape that we were able to create for them from their own unique design vision. That was very exciting, and extremely satisfying!

Anything more about your time here at SW?

I know that I’ve already said this, but I’ve been in this business for many years and there’s always something new and different to learn about it, and I am so thrilled to be learning so much from my work here at Sew What? Inc.!

24 12, 2015

Happy Holidays!

By |December 24th, 2015|Company, Rent What Team, Sew What Team|2 Comments

Recently, the wonderfully talented Tom Underhill (who has taken many of our in-house photos) did a photo shoot involving all of the staff here at Sew What? / Rent What? Utilizing a bin of random costume pieces / props that we keep here (yes, once in awhile we do have random “Wear a funny hat” days and the like), he invited each of us to pick a hat or boa or other prop and “ham it up” for the camera. None of us knew at the time what it was for, but we all had a blast doing it (and watching others do it).

Sew What Rent What Holiday Greeting

What did Tom do with all of those photos? He combined them into a single video, which was posted last week on our You Tube channel.  It really is a fun video, and one that shows how all of us here at Sew What? / Rent What? try to have fun every day at work.  It’s not just work here – it’s a family, and I think this video shows that.

So, on this festive day, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you all find the joy in your life that this video portrays!

10 11, 2015

Sew What’s Talented And Energized Sewing Staff Gets The Job Done Right!

By |November 10th, 2015|Company, Rent What Team, Sew What Team|1 Comment

Our warehouse staff is always buzzing with energy and talent, and it shows in not only the quality of our products, but in the expediency we are able to get our soft goods out to our eager clients. Recently videographer Tom Underhill recorded a little bit of a “day in the life” of our warehouse sewing, cutting, and quality control teams here at Sew What? Inc., and it is so much fun to watch!

Seeing the entire “Whatters family” working so hard to provide some of the most amazing, beautiful, and durable stage draperies and theatrical curtains in the industry is very satisfying for us. With music by Brainspoon, this piece is truly a great showcase of our diligent, skillful staff doing what they do best—hand-sewing the theatrical backdrops and drapes that our clients always envisioned!


3 08, 2015

Meet the Sew What? and Rent What? Staff, Part 16: Carol

By |August 3rd, 2015|Authors, Company, Rent What Team, Sew What Team|4 Comments

In our next installment of “Meet The Staff”, I am very happy to introduce you to one of our recent hires, Carol Noe. She is an Account Rep for both sales and rentals, and has been a very busy and productive member of our team from the day she arrived. Her incredible background in event planning and management and her ability to think “outside the box” to help our clients’ visions come to life all make her a truly valuable asset to our entire team. Please read on to learn a little more about Carol and see why we are so lucky to have her as part of the “Whatters” family!

When did you first start at Sew What? What were you originally hired to do, and how have your duties changed since working here?

I started at Sew What? in February of 2015.  I was hired to be a Sales/Rental Account Rep and that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing ever since–with the exception of writing an occasional blog post.

If you could take a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

It would involve the beach since that’s my favorite place to be. I’ve always wanted to go to Bora Bora and Australia so I’d probably combine the two if money was no object!

What kind of work did you do before coming to Sew What?

Prior to Sew What? I was in the “event planning” world. Most recently I mostly worked on the Super Bowl.  I was an Event Coordinator at a limousine company where my first event was the Oscars and surrounding parties on Oscar Sunday, and I worked 23 hours straight and could barely see after that!  I also worked at another event company where we did movie premieres, Golden Globe Parties, and Grammy Events, just to name a few.  This is also where I met Megan almost 18 years ago!

Do you have a special talent?

I enjoy sewing when I have time.  I can’t sew clothes but I have made some beautiful quilts and cool beach bags.

What is your favorite memory/circumstance/event from being part of the Sew What? family?

My first multi-media backdrop will always stick out in my mind because it was such a cool one, and it was such a learning experience quoting it and working on the design details of it with

[SW Owner/President] Megan.

What is your favorite sports team/TV Show/Book/Movie?

Currently I am into American Ninja Warrior and America’s got Talent.  When The Voice is on I’m glued to the TV.  I also enjoy the Nightly News with Lester Holt, formerly Brian Williams.  Don’t really watch too many TV series—I’d rather be either lounging by the pool or out being active doing something fun!

What are some of your hobbies?

I’m very excited to start riding my new bike, I used to be really into it but after riding my bike from San Francisco to LA many years ago I shied away from it.  I love to go to the beach, swim, go shopping and do anything artsy crafty.

What project have you worked on recently that was interesting or challenging?

I love the Foo Fighters so I really enjoyed working on their recent project with Sew What?, and the client was also really easy to work with.

Anything more about your time here at SW?

I truly enjoy working here. The atmosphere is wonderful and the team that is in place is absolutely fabulous!! And who can’t love working where there are cute office dogs always coming around looking for treats and head rubs?