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23 12, 2019

Truly Scrumptious Thanksgiving Feast Enjoyed By All

By |December 23rd, 2019|Company, Rent What Team, Sew What Team|1 Comment

Nothing says you’ve officially reached the holiday season than when you begin to feast like kings and queens with loved ones and friends alike. And undoubtedly, the entire team here at Sew What? / Rent What? love to be as seasonally festive as we can possibly be. And one of the most popular celebrations we look forward to having every year is our annual Thanksgiving holiday shindig!

Last month, we were thrilled to be able to genuinely give thanks to have one another, and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with The Whatter Family in the favorite way we know how…..By having a party with tons of amazing food to choose from, high-energy music and dancing, and of course lots of selfies and laughter! Setting the scene was a super-long, covered table that spanned the complete length of our warehouse, with one of our gorgeous Classic Stardrop LED drapes adding a little sparkle and shine to the background.

Next we had the fantastic musicianship of renowned Southern California musical group Mariachi Alma Latina, who performed their beautiful and lively mariachi music for us to appreciate while eating a delicious catered meal from Rascal’s Teriyaki. A seemingly “atypical” choice for Thanksgiving, this restaurant’s heaping piles of delectable Chinese Chicken Salad, followed up with mouthwatering Chicken Teriyaki and Rice platters, appealed to everyone’s extremely happy taste buds. (And offered us a different flavor than the one we’d be eating at home for the next week straight) .

Once we finished our meals, the best was still yet to come……Dessert! This is where our “potluck genius” really shines, with each person bringing completely different type of sweet and scrumptious treats for all of their colleagues to enjoy.  From traditional holiday fare like apple and pumpkin pies, to more culturally adored flan and jello and fruit, to everyday mouthwatering goodies like brownies, cookies, cupcakes and lemon bars, there was enough “sugar and spice and everything nice” for the entire company to devour–for days.

After everybody had their fill (and then some), we all got to dance and sing along with the mariachi band to try and burn off some of the calories. It’s always a blast when music and dancing are on the agenda here! Reinvigorated, we were able to tackle our projects with renewed energy and passion, which always translates into an exceptional product. We hope that you had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday this year with loved ones, too…as we could not be any more grateful to work in this diverse, innovative, and sometimes totally wild industry with–and for–our truly amazing clients!

16 01, 2019

Sensational Silver Satin Swags And Legs Build Excitement At Awards Show

By |January 16th, 2019|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Recently we were delighted to work with super-creative Event Planner Melissa Valentin and her impressive team at Iglesia Ni Cristo, an innovative church that started in the Philippines back in 1914 and moved to the west 50 years later to become more prevalently known as The Church of Christ. Since they are celebrating its “50 Years In The West” they are holding special events all year across the country. One of these exciting events happened right here in Southern California at the Microsoft Theatre in downtown LA. Melissa and her team from the church produced and showcased this past fall’s “Excellence in Visual Media Awards 2018”, and were beyond thrilled that it turned out to be an absolute success!

They needed to design a grand, dramatic stage that would be stunning and extraordinary on its own, and yet still be seen by their spectators all over the venue, both near the stage and way up on the balcony. And these drapes also needed to be versatile enough to allow their lighting team to help change the entire mood and feel for each segment of the ceremony, too. Being able to utilize their venue’s house 30’h x 60’w Silver Regal Satin Austrian drape (actually a SW-custom built purchase from the past, so we knew it would be gorgeous!), they came to us wanting to add a few breathtaking, larger-than-life theatrical “embellishments” to truly knock their audience’s collective socks off.

It’s always amazing to see how much of a huge difference fabric choice can make when creating a custom, unique stage design for your special events. Since they knew that the material on these theatrical curtains were going to be unconditionally vital in constructing their distinctive stage design, they decided on using some striking rental curtains from our Silver Satin Drapery Collection, which worked impeccably with the house Austrian. Setting the stage with our 16’h x 30’w and 22’h x 40’w Silver Satin Crushed Swags gave their design an exceptionally unique, modern vibe. And adorning each side of the proscenium with our tall Silver Satin Crushed Pre-Pleated Drapery Legs was the perfect way to beautifully complete the look.

Seeing a flawless event design turn out so picture-perfect was an incredible privilege, and we were so pleased to have been a part of it. Next time that you have special event, theatrical production, awards ceremony, trade show, concert tour, or anything else coming up on the horizon, give us a call or pop us an email. Let our sales representatives also assist you with creating the most eye-catching, magnificent event designs you could ever imagine using our custom-made drapes, theatrical rental curtains, or a marvelous combination of both!

15 01, 2019

Digitally Printed Applique Makes School Emblem Really POP

By |January 15th, 2019|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Having a digitally-printed backdrop is a fantastic way for you to get the name, branding, image, graphics, or anything else seen by your audience in a very memorable, effective manner. We are always excited and eager to work with our clients within their budgets and design aesthetic, to help create for them the most amazing theatrical curtains imaginable. Sometimes it makes more sense budget-wise and design-wise to not necessarily digitally print the entire drape if it’s going to consist mostly of an image/verbiage placed on a completely solid-colored background.

Therefore, we have perfected a technique for our sewing team to digitally print the graphic desired, and independently applique it directly onto a durable substrate to create the look that our clients are envisioning for their custom drapes. Recently this exact circumstance came up when our sales rep extraordinaire Marilyn Moss was working with her tireless and attentive client, teacher Pete Beck with Wyomissing High School. This nationally recognized high school near Redding, PA wanted us to build them a beautiful new custom stage drape with their school’s crest emblazoned on it. 

To have this beautiful design really “pop”, and to also reduce the overall cost for the finished product, we digitally printed the district’s emblem on Heavy Knit and then flawlessly hand-sewed it directly onto durable 22oz. Encore Velour. Not only did this help lower the price quite a bit, but it also gave this curtain a more “theatrical drape vibe” using the softer velour backdrop fabric instead of being entirely made from a digital print substrate. Plus, the colorful digitally printed graphic really stood out wonderfully against this rich, velvety all-black background, too. They could not have been more pleased with the outcome, and from these photos you can certainly see why! Let Marilyn and our team of drapery experts assist you with all of your upcoming theatrical drapery needs, too—rental or purchase—by providing you with absolutely striking results and still staying within your budget.

8 01, 2019

Vibrant Drapery Helps With Color-Specific Branding Scheme

By |January 8th, 2019|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Color—it can truly help you create a completely one-of-a-kind design, and is a considerable aspect of “branding” yourself for your audiences to recognize far beyond even your name, image, or graphics might be able to do. Our artistic and savvy clients know this, which is why we try to offer them colored rental drapery whenever possible, in order for them to really “hit home” their event’s overall focus.

Recently we were thrilled to be able to work again with the dynamic event producers Michael and Deb Roccoforte with FORTE, by helping supply them with some of our striking rental pipe pocket drapery that they needed for a genuinely important event for their own client, Wabash College. Taking place at the renowned Indiana State Museum, they knew that the school’s bright and identifying color scheme is highlighted by a brilliant rich shade of red. Therefore they wanted to have a likely-colored background for all of their own digital banners and cubes decorating the event space, to better tie everything together into one eye-catching theme.

Choosing from the various colors of rental pipe pocket drapery that we offer to use with their own existing pb hardware, they decided on renting some of our gorgeous Atomic Red Super-Vel pipe pocket curtains that wove in beautifully with the school’s distinctive color motif. This 8oz. fabric is quickly becoming a fabulous and economical alternative to heavier velour fabrics with a very similar look and feel. These curtains are also ideal for travel, as this type of inherently flame retardant, lightweight fabric is durable, wrinkle resistant, and road-tough.

We were so incredibly pleased to see what an outstanding job they did for this event’s memorable design, and were also absolutely delighted with what a perfect background these drapes made for the school’s marketing pieces. Check out our website to see the numerous colors and sizes of pipe pocket drapery that we offer in our rental collection. And we would love for you to contact one of our helpful sales reps today to see if we can provide you with rental or custom pipe pocket drapery for your next big upcoming special event, too.

18 12, 2018

Copper Sheer Swags Enhance Holiday Stage Design

By |December 18th, 2018|Products, Projects|0 Comments

We absolutely love getting to work with fantastic tour, production, and event designers all over the country every year on their wonderful annual events, helping them create a fresh, new, and memorable stage for their special occasions. Recently we got to confer with stage and event designer extraordinaire Tanner Laughlin, who produced his fourth annual “Tanner Laughlin, Home For The Holidays” show for his enthusiastic Paris, Illinois community. He already had some red velvety drapery, and other holiday-themed furnishings, that he wanted to add a little bit of drama to. So we suggested some various, eclectic drapery options from our Specialty Drapery Rental Collections that would work impeccably for his event theme. Wanting these additional, complementary drapes to blend flawlessly with his existing stage décor and soft goods, and yet wanting to also add a dollop of something original and creative to the stage, he decided to use our exquisite rental 60’w Copper Sheer Swags from our Oh’ So Swanky Collection.

With gorgeous, gossamer swagettes ranging in height from 10’h to 22’h, he was able to adorn his staging with these drapes to help give his overall look some extra beautiful elegance and spendor, without distracting from the rest of the set design. These drapes are hung with clips, so they can easily be utilized for stages both narrow or wide, and can give your event or production a truly unique appearance for each and every set design. Splash some colorful lighting onto them and watch as they transform into the exact motif you are aiming for. Mix and match them with some of your own personal soft goods, or with any of the superb curtains from our Silver Satin or Rockin’ Red Drapery Collections to create a completely one-of-a-kind look (see example below).

The sky’s the limit with how you can use these striking drapes for your special event or production, too! We were thrilled with how utterly stunning this year’s stage design turned out at his event, and look forward to seeing what fantastically artistic ideas Tanner comes up with for next year’s program.