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31 07, 2018

Classic Stardrop LED Drape Sparkles At School Production

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Our clients depend on obtaining beautiful theatrical stage drapery that is adaptable enough to be used for multiple parts of a single performance, concert, or production, and something that can easily transition from one act to another. And not just for rock concerts either— trade shows, churches, and even school productions also appreciate being able to have a versatile drapery that can be used in many different capacities for the same special event. We love being able to help provide them with some of our gorgeous rental drapes to help their stage designs become something truly special!

Recently we were thrilled to work once again with the imaginative theatre teacher and artistic director at Rock Ridge High School’s Performing Arts Department, Anthony Cimino-Johnson. We know how very sincerely Mr. Cimino-Johnson takes his job as instructor, as he was recognized as both an International Inspirational Theatre Educator of the Year and was named Virginia’s Theatre Teacher of the Year from the Educational Theatre Association. Therefore, with their upcoming production of Mary Poppins he wanted an exceptionally eye-catching drape that would help them create the appearance of a dramatic, crystal-clear night sky. He chose to use one of our Stardrop LED Rental Drapes, and we were very glad to be able to provide them with one!

Quick to install and extremely easy to operate, our Stardrop LED drape ended up being the perfect backdrop for a production that ended up having numerous lighting elements for various types of scenes throughout. These rental drapes consists of Blue-White LED lights on a rich backdrop of Black DFR Encore Velour. Easily programmable, our client could easily control the intensity and speed of flickering of the “twinkly starlights,” or have the lights stay completely on or off. Our Classic Stardrop LED drape offered not only the delightful and dramatic “starry sky” effect they were hoping for, but the rich black velour material also offered a great “void” for some production scenes that needed to stay nice and dark. This drape helped the school’s talented group of actors give each scene the exact look and feel that they sought after. The DMX Controller included with the rental allowed them to control the drape from both Front of House (FOH) off-stage with its own or Back of House (BOH) at their light board, which is a feature that lighting designers always appreciate having.

Another great attribute of our LED Stardrop curtains is that they are available for both rental and purchase.  Need one for a single show or short tour?  Renting is an affordable, amendable option—our versatile Classic LED drapes come in sizes 15’ x 30’ and 7’ x 30’ and can be run horizontally or vertically, allowing you to construct various sizes for your own unique stage. However, if you plan to utilize the drape over a long time frame, or require a custom size or light placement design, then purchasing an custom-built LED Stardrop is the way to go—and we will be very happy to help with that also!

23 05, 2018

Spellbinding Event Design Brilliantly Uses Classic Stardrop LED Drapes

By |May 23rd, 2018|Products, Projects|2 Comments

Sometimes you might want to design a beautifully starry sky effect for your special event, entirely in the comfort of your secure, indoor venue. For that we would recommend using one of our alluringly beautiful and captivatingly dramatic rental Classic Stardrop LED draperies. However, sometimes you might want to create an almost SOLAR SYSTEM worth of starry skies for your big event, and in that case you could use MANY of them! That was exactly the case when recently one of our incredibly innovative clients, Starway Productions, desired to frame the entire wall of the Ontario Convention Center with our gorgeous Classic Stardrop LED drapes. And we were beyond thrilled to help them do so!

With a gorgeous set designed by Production Designer Shane Pritchard and planned and installed by Technical Director Austin Hill, Starway used fourteen of our 30’h x 15’w Classic Stardrop LEDs in order to completely cover the entire length of the convention center’s impressive main hall. This enabled them to craft a truly extraordinary event design for the “2018 Ontario State of the City” event in March. These rich and velvety DFR Black Encore Velour drapes with bluish/white LED lights sparkling and twinkling throughout them helped produce the perfect look for this event’s overall “futuristic” theme design of “Leading The Way.”

These drapes worked as the ideal backdrop at this exceptional event for all of Starway’s mesmerizing colorful lighting and gobos, a fantastically cool stage layout, engaging video and photos projecting onto large movie screens, and eye-catching truss structures throughout the arena. These drapes can tie directly to one another, allowing them to seamlessly be joined together to construct a magnificent continuous star field–no matter the width. And because these drapes have the innovative quality of being able to hang horizontally or vertically, they are outstanding at fitting the unique dimensions of most stages by rotating to hang at either 15’h or 30’h.

When you are wishing to create a spectacular “starry sky” effect for your meeting, trade show, production, or concert tour, let our fabulous rental Classic Stardrop LED drapes to give you this astonishing appearance time and time again. Also available in Chameleon RGB color-changing drapes, as well as low-tech White Voile pleated drapes, our rental collection has something for almost every kind of stage décor you are envisioning. We can also build you a custom-designed LED drape for purchase when you have an exclusive design that you aspire to fashion. Reach out to our team of drapery experts so that we can help you figure out the best way to create this spellbinding look for your own special event, too.

3 04, 2018

Inspiration Is Truly In The Eye Of The Beholder

By |April 3rd, 2018|Clients, Company, Education, links, News, Products, Projects|1 Comment

Inspiration — it helps motivate us to be our best, do our best, act our best, and put forth the very best that we each have to offer the world. The definition of inspiration is “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something; particularly to do something creative.” But what inspires you may not inspire the next individual…. It is probably one of the most subjective concepts you can think of, and yet–in this industry especially—it is definitely one of the most important, too.

This is why we here at Sew What?/Rent What? Inc. offer a variety of ways to help spark our clients’ imaginations. Some stage and event designers like to look at photos of theatrical draperies out in “real world” situations, which is why we have some fabulous examples of our drapes in a ton of Flickr photo albums and galleries to meet their every drapery desire. They can also explore our company Pinterest and Instagram pages to see some great examples of event and stage designs, and learn about some ingenious ways for us to help them create a similar look for their own special events.

Others may do better by seeing video of the drapes and designs moving across their screen, as it helps them better imagine how the drapery and stage embellishments might look for their own creative projects. Therefore we offer a variety of different videos showcasing our rental and custom curtains on our very own YouTube channel.

Some may prefer to see simple swatches of fabric or written data on their computer screen, and let their imagination run wild with that information. If so, they can check out our e-swatches and white papers on our website (and read this blog, of course) to gain valuable information and insight as to what type of fabric, cut, style, and substrate might work best to create the right look at their own unique event, venue, or production.

And sometimes it’s as simple as being a little “social” and going to one of our many social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. These sites are a fantastic way to easily gather information about some of our recent projects, converse with employees and other clients regarding ideas for original stage designs, and read helpful advice, suggestions, and ideas on how to they can better work within their budget, actual space dimensions, or possible time limitations. We are here in a myriad of ways for our clients—just let us know how we can better help to inspire YOU, too!

14 03, 2018

Versatile Silver Satin for Stage Drapes and Backdrops

By |March 14th, 2018|Products, Projects|1 Comment

So often we have clients enquire about our rental drapes – asking which of our rental drapery collections is the most versatile for stage lighting.

Hands down – we always recommend our Silver Satin Collection. This collection of rental drapes is so extensive, from theatre legs to full arena sized Austrian curtains, swaggy borders to bi-parting main stage drapes.  Mix and match from our palette of silver satins and silks – and add in some black chrome illusion for the ultimate stage design.

We love this variety of silver patina fabrics! The lighting scenarios that the glossy silver and pewter toned cloth offers is so extensive.  We have seen clients use these drapes in a wide variety of ways, and under variable stage lighting conditions. With so many different results, it is hard to believe that they are all the same drapes!  That in a nutshell is the beauty of this collection.  No two events or installations will ever look the same.

Check out Jennifer Hudson in front of this mesmerizing stage design by Butch Allen – these massive silver swags are available for rent in our inventory. Contact us for more information.

Take the silver collection in the image below – here you see the same drapery elements, with a different installation configuration. Lit with burnt umber tones, the overall effect is both dramatic and vintage.  This timeless lighting design combined with the traditional visuals of swags and jabots takes the audience back to the 1940’s.

We miss Dolores dearly – the recent passing of the Cranberries lead singer certainly came as a shock to us here at Sew What? Inc.  We had many opportunities to supply softgoods over the years to this band, and our Silver Satin Collection was a go to for use on their tours.  Seen here, the Cranberries designer combined custom hard-set elements on fly bars to add depth to the stage and bring a thoroughly modern look to the design.  Add in our low-tech LED light strings as seen in this photo, and a whimsical world appears.

Fun design hint: See how the client added small silver swagettes at stage level to back the individual players? What a unique way to create spectacular photo-opportunity backgrounds for the concert photographers when taking close-up shots of the artists.

Does your design call for a variety of bright lighting palettes? Red – Blue – Purple? That’s not a problem.  These glossy silver tones take primary reds and blues with no issue.  Check out our 30’h x 60’w Silver Crushed Satin Austrian Stage Drape under LED stage lighting on a recent Lady Gaga tour.  As you can see – the versatility of silver cloth is unrivalled.

And last, but not by any means least……………..  Combine pieces from more that one drapery collection for the ultimate mix and match opportunity.  Seen here at the 57th LA County Holiday Celebration, a LED stardrop from our Starry Night Stardrop Collection is combined with a silver satin swag from the Silver Satin Collection.  Costumes, dancers, lights, sound, music.  The stage is sparkling with excitement, and our stardrop backdrop and satin swag certainly provides the perfect background.

Far more than stage curtains and theatrical drapery. Just like your audience, you want top performance. Sew What? delivers! Our Stage Curtains and Theatrical Draperies, Stage Backdrops, Curtain Tracks and Theatrical Supplies exceed your expectations and enhance your shows and events. With experience that ranges from the hottest rock concerts to the biggest theatrical events, to school auditorium performances, and just about any other kind of production under the sun, Sew What? is the answer. Click here to contact us or call us at (310) 639-6000 for information on our wide selection of rental drapery and custom drapery fabrication services.

22 02, 2018

Classic Stardrop LED Drapes Create Beautiful Starry Sky For Church Production

By |February 22nd, 2018|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Who doesn’t like a sparkly night sky to add that distinctive ambiance to your special event, concert, or production?  With tiny bluish-white LED lights embedded in a rich, black velvety IFR Encore Velour background, our rental Classic Stardrop LED Curtains set the scene of a lovely, crisp night sky for your audience to enjoy while comfortably sitting indoors. Recently we got to work with artistic producer Kevin Marks and his creative team at The Highway Community Church in Mountain View, California, on their spectacular Christmas holiday production, “Stations Of Advent.” They wanted to create a gorgeous sparkly night sky behind their manger scene and along the entire wall of the church, so by hanging together four of our 30’h x 15’w rental LED drapes, they were able to seamlessly join them together to create a continuous star field. Because these Classic Stardrop LED drapes can “rotate” at 15’ x 30’ or 7’ x 30’, they have the unique quality of being able to be hung horizontally or vertically to better suit your stage’s own unique dimensions.

These are some of the most incredibly beautiful drapes, with the LEDs placed within the drape in the random formation of stunning star fields. Our Stardrop LED drapes are the ideal backdrops for productions that have numerous lighting elements for various types of scenes. These drapes offer not only a delightful “starry sky” effect, but the rich black velour material also offers a great “void” for some scenes that need to stay nice and dark. They are extremely popular for everything from a concert backdrop to a production embellishment, giving each stage extraordinary radiance.

Quick to install and extremely easy to operate, this drape’s stand-alone controller can be set-up to work manually for a more plug and play operation, allowing the user to control the drape from Front of House (FOH) off-stage. The technician also has the option of controlling the light intensity, chase speed, and much more via a DMX connection to a lighting board at Back of House (BOH), making these easy-to-use draperies a lighting technician’s dream come true. Easily programmable to have the lights either remain completely static or twinkle at any speed desired, these drapes turn a simple black backdrop into a realistic starlit night sky. The Highway Community’s Lighting Director Brian Tucker did a remarkable job with the stage lighting of this special church production—splashing dramatic colorful lighting and striking gobo illuminations to the design elements all around the stage, and utilizing the Classic Stardrop drapes perfectly within the entire production.

These durable drapes are road-ready and can be shipped anywhere in the country via Fed Ex/UPS, or via a freight forwarder for those who would prefer to use one of our drapery hampers. Just like with innovative folks at The Highway Community, let us also help you to create a breathtaking starry sky effect at your next special event or stage production with our rental Classic Stardrop LED drapes today!