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20 06, 2017

Church Electrifies Crowd With Exciting Kabuki Drop

By |June 20th, 2017|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Some of the biggest, most exciting stage productions taking place on stages right now are at churches all over the country. No longer are the days where parishioners sit quietly with their hands folded, listening to a pious person at the pulpit lecturing them on “all of their sins from the past week.” Nowadays these grand churches have larger than life shows, productions, and concerts that seek to truly excite their audiences, and fully inspire them to lead their best lives possible. And they are now showcasing some of the most dynamic stage designs, audio visual effects, and live musical performances ever experienced.

We love being a part of these special events, and providing our customers with soft goods and theatrical stage supplies to help them create the most exhilarating shows imaginable. Recently we got to work with owner Mark Mealy and the creative folks at LightSound Productions. For over 30 years, they have been designing and providing audio, video, and lighting production and installation services at special events for churches, schools, graduation ceremonies, concerts, and everything in between. For this special occasion, they wanted something really dramatic to showcase a “reveal” at a local church’s Sunday services, and decided to use one of our dependable rental Kabuki Solenoid drapery release systems to truly surprise their audience. Starting with one of our rental 23’h x 40’w White Poly Muslin backdrop to project their video onto, they then used our 10 head Kabu-Key Solenoid kit to drop the drape cleanly and evenly to the floor at the perfect moment, revealing the band that had been eagerly waiting to come out and dazzle their audience.

Easy to install, quick to ship, and affordable to be used at ANY special event, our rental Kabuki Solenoid Kits are a surefire way to make a memorable experience for your audiences, as you can see in the video clip below. LightSound did an exceptional job with this special church event, and we couldn’t have been happier to have been a part of it! Let our team of drapery experts help you design an incredible stage design at your next big special event or production, too.

15 05, 2017

Double Kabuki System Dazzles Excited Basketball Fans

By |May 15th, 2017|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Nothing elicits quite the dramatic impact as building up an exciting reveal at a special event, trade show, or concert. Even more electrifying is when it is a Double Kabuki Drop…With the press of a button, the drape first drops from the truss so that it is now hanging down, thereby “masking” whatever secrets are hiding right behind it. Next, when the time is perfectly right, the drape falls to the floor with another press of a button, revealing the mystery that has been waiting right behind–to amaze and delight everyone watching.

No one knows this more than the innovative team of creative production designers at Vincent Lighting Systems (VLS). Lead by Production Manager Derek Hons, VLS has dazzled their audiences for many years with their inventive event designs and one-of-a-kind set configurations. But they have also truly mastered the “art” of the successful kabuki drop by using our rental Solenoid Kabuki Kits for all kinds of special events.

Recently, VLS has been working with the Kent State University Communications and Marketing department by orchestrating some pretty sensational presentations at their men’s basketball home games, which really helped to whip up their fans into an actual frenzy! Utilizing our rental Double Drop Kabuki System, with two of our perfectly suited rental 30’h x 60’w White Poly Muslin backdrops, they were able to design an incredibly provocative “cube” of projected video, lights, and music. They also worked with the brilliant technicians at NPi Audio Visual Solutions to create a truly unique AV program that completely captivated their audience. This was then all displayed on the basketball court much to the delight of the team’s very enthusiastic fans.

As you can see by this phenomenal video, the end result turned out to be absolutely spectacular! Let our team of drapery specialists help you with the ideal rental soft goods and theatrical supplies to design your own unique special event, too.

1 05, 2017

What is a Kabuki?

By |May 1st, 2017|Education, Products|1 Comment

Here are a few excerpts from a wonderful white paper that we have on our website discussing “The Ins and Outs (and ups and downs) of the Kabuki”. If you have ever wondered about this simple yet highly dramatic effect then you will love the full article.

Picture this. You are at a concert. The opening act has just finished playing, and the crew has removed all of the band’s instruments and equipment, leaving only the drape that the band played in front of. The music starts, signaling that the main act is about to appear. Suddenly, the headlining band appears on stage, as if from nowhere. What just happened? Another piece of stage magic, called the Kabuki.

A Single Kabuki allows a single release – the drape is hanging, the solenoids are released, and the kabuki drops to the ground.

Solenoid-based kabukis are a dramatic way to showcase a backdrop or drape. Our solenoid system is remarkably easy to install. Simply clamp our drape ready solenoid heads to the truss or pipe, and connect with the supplied cables. You can position the “go” button anywhere on stage to deploy the drape drop on cue! Here is an image of what the solenoid heads look like – they are compact and easy to install.

Performance that Rocks! You’ll be impressed by the look of our rental kabuki drapes! Here is a video medley showing kabuki drops in use for a variety of stage projects.

Check out our online Portfolio of Past Drapery Projects. You can also see what exciting events and concerts are currently showcasing Rent What? rental draperies by visiting our Press Room.

21 03, 2017

Kabuki Solenoid System Exhilarates Parishioners At Special Holiday Program

By |March 21st, 2017|Products, Projects|1 Comment

We love getting to see our products being successfully used out in the world with our fabulously creative clients—especially our diverse selections of rental goods, because we love seeing that they are rarely used in the same way twice. Recently we received a fantastic video of one of our clients, The Crossing Church at Chesterfield, using our dependable, lightweight, and easy-to-install Kabuki Solenoid Kits for their special holiday production.

Director of TechArts at The Crossing, Mike Frost, and his team wanted a way to build some excitement during a program which had numerous song sets, yet also create a special reveal that their audience would talk about LONG after the production ended. By adding in our versatile Solenoid System to their own hanging soft goods, and utilizing some dramatic lighting and staging, they were able to amaze and engage their parishioners with a sensational Kabuki Drop during their program that truly exhilarated the crowd.

The three drapes hanging, while being projected upon.

The solenoids have been released, and the drapes start to fall.

The drapes are nearly to the ground, to be whisked away off stage.

A solenoid kabuki system is a dramatic effect you can add to any special production or concert–you can see in the photos and video clip that their drapery fell cleanly and neatly to the stage, producing a breathtaking reveal for everyone watching. Our easy-to-assemble and even easier-to-use Kabuki Solenoid Systems allow you to “reveal, drop and roll” just about any drapery element or backdrop. Have some fun with your audience by using a Kabuki Drop at your next concert, church production, or trade show special event!

28 02, 2017

Sew What? Inc. Provides Custom Stage Drapery for Green Day 2016-17 Revolution Radio Tour

By |February 28th, 2017|Clients, Digital Printing, News, Products, Projects|1 Comment

Sew What? Inc, a California stage drapery manufacturer, is working again with the punk rock band, Green Day in producing custom stage drapes for their 2016-17 Revolution Radio Tour. Formed in 1986, the American band has won 5 Grammy Awards, and sold over 85 million records worldwide. It was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.

Sew What? president, Megan Duckett reports, “Needless to say, we are very excited to have been invited to work with a fantastic band like Green Day again. It’s also a treat to work on a project that will have mid-show drapery changes, which lends an ongoing visual impact to their audiences.”

The current tour features several different drapery elements supplied by Sew What?, including a kabuki drape, a dual set of banners that together comprise a backdrop, and a massive black masking drape. Each of the textiles supplies a different look and stimulating visual effects for the show.

The kabuki drape backdrop features a giant digitally printed “BOOM BOX design,” and was crafted for the main stage.  The 60 feet wide piece was digitally printed onto FR Crystal Poplin, given the fabric’s light weight, durability and color saturation.  The material, chosen among many stage curtain fabrics available, packs into a small storage vessel – an important factor for a touring show.

Photo Credit Instagram @greenday

The kabuki drape’s deployment during the show is accomplished using a set of solenoids supplied by Sew What?’s sister company, Rent What? Inc. The solenoid heads allow the drape to be released from the air with the press of a button.

Two custom backdrop sets comprise another stage element, with a selection of red and blue banners (7 banners per backdrop set). They are hung and dropped by solenoids to run down aircraft cables and land on the floor securely behind the band.

Lastly, a massive black Rip Stop masking drapery package has been produced for the Green Day tour as well.  The lightweight, water resistant, durable textile is popular as a rock n roll “go to” fabric for masking drapes in the big arena shows.

To view photos of Green Day’s stage drapes, as well as examples of other band’s drapery designs, visit the Sew What? / Rent What? flickr galleries .