Vaccinated, And It Feels So Good!

By |January 28th, 2021|Masks, News, Products|1 Comment

With the Covid-19 vaccine being slowly given to all Americans over the course of the next 8-12 months, it is still being highly recommended to follow CDC guidelines like wearing a face mask until told otherwise by those studying this coronavirus. We have been very happy to offer our clients new, beautiful, adorable, and inspirational custom-embroidered Designer Face Mask designs over the past few months. Being able to wear a unique face mask for special holidays, events, charities, and topics that they are passionate about is a wonderful way to further encourage folks to continue to wear a face mask each and every time they step out of their homes, and any time they are around other people that are not part of their immediate households.

Our newest embroidered dual-layered cloth face masks are perhaps some of the most important ones we’ve ever made—“Vaccinated!” Wearing this custom embroidered face mask (with built-in pocket for PM 2.5 charcoal filters) helps to demonstrate to your friends, family, and neighbors that you will continue to do everything possible to once and for all help wipe out Covid-19 from its very existence. Available in both neutral black as well as patriotic red, white, and blue to better show off your American pride!

Doctors are saying that you need to be extremely careful for a while still–even after receiving the vaccination–so it’s very important that everyone keeps wearing a mask until told otherwise (especially with the Federal mandate being implemented). Our new dual layered face masks are great for families to provide to their elderly friends and loved ones who have already been lucky enough to have been vaccinated. As such, these are also really helpful for those in nursing homes, hospitals, care centers, and other high-volume facilities who need to better keep track of those who have already been able to get vaccinated, and those that still need one. By wearing these masks, they will be able to continue keeping each and every patient safe and healthy, and also uphold their patients’ comfort and confidence levels to be around those who may have not been able to be vaccinated yet.

By continuing to maintain 6 feet of social distance, by wearing a face mask whenever we’re around anyone outside our immediate households, and by getting vaccinated as soon as we are all able to safely do so, we can ALL help this country get healthy once again and businesses back on their feet (especially in the touring and event industries). Getting yourself and your loved ones vaccinated for Covid-19, and wearing one of these new dual-layered custom cloth face masks, are excellent ways to show the world that you’ve now honestly done everything possible to help flatten the curve of this terrible illness. And that you will still do whatever is needed to keep those in your community as safe and healthy as possible. Let’s beat this thing, together!

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