Our clients have spoken, and so we are very pleased to now offer everyone a 5 Mask Do It Yourself Kit with all of the supplies needed to make your own custom dual-layered face masks. These kits consist of pre-cut cloth face and liner pieces for 5 masks, coated wires for bridge-of-nose comfort, soft long cloth ties that can be tied around the ears or behind the head, and access online to a super-easy DIY instructional video. (You will just need to provide your own thread—and who doesn’t have spools of thread lying around the house just waiting to be used for something fabulous?).

These kits are a wonderfully thoughtful and unique holiday gift to send to those in your life who love to sew things for themselves. Or better yet, a great gift for yourself where you will be able to finally show off all of those crafting skills that you have been polishing all year long! You can even embellish the fabric before you sew—bedazzle on colorful crystal sequins or rhinestones, write your family members’ names with felt pens, add some fun designs with glitter fabric glue, or anything else you can think of to personalize each mask for someone special. Get the whole family involved—the kids will LOVE to help decorate them!

Taking the guesswork out of how to choose, measure, and cut the correct fabric for these dual-layered face masks will make sewing them an absolute snap (our simple how-to video will show you the way!). Each kit comes with face-fabric pieces in white, black, burgundy, royal blue, and pewter grey, so there will be something for everyone. Sewn with a pocket for a PM 2.5 Activated Charcoal Mask Filter, you can also add a pack to your SW? shopping cart, and thereby provide even more protection for your loved ones and those living in your community.

Buy yours now so that you can have them in hand in time for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or any other upcoming holiday or occasion that you’d like to celebrate in a truly distinctive way. And with these all-inclusive kits providing supplies for five face masks at under $2 a mask—you just can’t beat the price!