Every production design, every concert stage, and every special event strives to have an exclusive, memorable, and one-of-a-kind appearance. Our clients can be absolute magicians when it comes to creating remarkably unique stage designs for their own particular events, and look to Rent What? to help them build a truly exceptional look at a competitive price. They have learned that one of the easiest, and most successful, ways of accomplishing this is by renting different drapes from our various Specialty Rental Drapery Collections. Below are just a couple of fabulous examples of how combining various curtains from our collections can help you fashion an undeniably distinctive event design, too.

One of our extremely skillful and talented clients, Michael Roccaforte from FORTE, created the look for the high-profile, annual Indiana Conference For Women. By combining larger-than-life swags from our Silver Satin Collection, and Pleated Pewter and Silver Textura Legs from our Timeless and Traditional Collection, and splashing some inspired and colorful theatrical stage lighting onto these highly reflective drapes, they were able to (once again!) build an utterly striking stage design that genuinely blew their audience away.

Next we had the gifted production designer Zach Ciaburri from the Scottsdale Center For The Performing Arts who needed to build a wonderfully distinguished look for their “Scottsdale Arts Gala 2019.” By combining Classic Stardrop LED drapes (on the left side and center) and Chameleon LED drapes (on the right side), he was able to construct a breathtaking starry sky look for their “Starry Night”-themed gala event that brilliantly transported their guests to feel like they were dining outside on a stunning crisp winter’s eve. Adding whimsical hanging props and beautiful table settings, this was an absolutely resplendent event that no one would soon forget.