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Monthly Archives: January 2020

29 01, 2020

Dramatic Kabuki Reveal Completely Exhilarates Audience

By |January 29th, 2020|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Some of the biggest and most exciting productions taking place on stages right now are being designed and constructed by churches and their incredible production teams all over the country. Nowadays these grand churches have larger than life shows, productions, and concerts that seek to energize their audiences, and fully inspire them to lead their best lives possible. And more than ever, they showcase some of the greatest dynamic stage designs, audio visual effects, and live musical performances ever experienced.

One of the exceedingly popular—and sensational—special effects that our clients love to use time and time again for their special “reveals” are rental Rent What? Kabuki Solenoid Systems. Extremely simple to set up and execute, all you have to do is hang your soft goods from our truss-clamped solenoid heads, press a single button, and watch the audience go wild when the drapes drop to the floor in a spectacular, dramatic moment they won’t soon forget. Our rental solenoid systems can be used with your own tie-on or Velcro-finished draperies, or you can use one of our kabuki-ready rental drapes or custom-built curtains for your unique event. These systems are a fantastic way to enhance the anticipation of an opening number, or to add even more exhilaration to a special song or performance on stage.

This past summer, we were thrilled to work with the enormously talented production designer Daniel Robinson for a special project he was working on for Worship Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He and his team were constructing a dynamic stage for their upcoming event “Oh Taste and See” at The Living Room. They wanted a projection-friendly soft good that they could both project video and theatrical lighting directly onto, as well as create some rear-lighting effects with the performers’ shapes and silhouettes, too. Daniel decided to rent one of our Rent What? Kabuki Solenoid Kits for this much anticipated occasion, and as you can see by these photos (from the audience, as well as from backstage) that it turned out spectacular! With gorgeous lighting design and programming conceived and devised by Mike Marini, they fashioned a striking look that genuinely engaged and delighted the entire crowd!

Consisting of one of our ultra-smooth, clean, flat, kabuki-ready 30’h x 60’w White Poly Muslin backdrops, and our super-dependable 15 head single-drop kabuki systems, they were able to concoct an extraordinarily memorable reveal at this high-energy event. Easy to install, quick to ship, and affordable to be used at ANY special event, our rental Kabuki Solenoid Kits are a surefire way to make a memorable experience for your audiences…as you can see in the video clip below!  Daniel and his team at Worship Center did a truly exceptional job with this special church event, and we couldn’t have been happier to have been a part of it. Check out the video clip below to see it live and in action, and don’t hesitate to contact our drapery experts so that we can help you plan an unforgettable reveal at your next special event or production, too.

21 01, 2020

Blend Of Rental Drapery Collections Creates Fabulously Unique Event Designs

By |January 21st, 2020|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Every production design, every concert stage, and every special event strives to have an exclusive, memorable, and one-of-a-kind appearance. Our clients can be absolute magicians when it comes to creating remarkably unique stage designs for their own particular events, and look to Rent What? to help them build a truly exceptional look at a competitive price. They have learned that one of the easiest, and most successful, ways of accomplishing this is by renting different drapes from our various Specialty Rental Drapery Collections. Below are just a couple of fabulous examples of how combining various curtains from our collections can help you fashion an undeniably distinctive event design, too.

One of our extremely skillful and talented clients, Michael Roccaforte from FORTE, created the look for the high-profile, annual Indiana Conference For Women. By combining larger-than-life swags from our Silver Satin Collection, and Pleated Pewter and Silver Textura Legs from our Timeless and Traditional Collection, and splashing some inspired and colorful theatrical stage lighting onto these highly reflective drapes, they were able to (once again!) build an utterly striking stage design that genuinely blew their audience away.

Next we had the gifted production designer Zach Ciaburri from the Scottsdale Center For The Performing Arts who needed to build a wonderfully distinguished look for their “Scottsdale Arts Gala 2019.” By combining Classic Stardrop LED drapes (on the left side and center) and Chameleon LED drapes (on the right side), he was able to construct a breathtaking starry sky look for their “Starry Night”-themed gala event that brilliantly transported their guests to feel like they were dining outside on a stunning crisp winter’s eve. Adding whimsical hanging props and beautiful table settings, this was an absolutely resplendent event that no one would soon forget.

Finally, we have Elizabeth Newton and her superb design team at Cory’s Audio Visual, who wanted to produce a grand stage for a prominent event that they were sponsoring. By combining a backdrop of Pewter Textura Pleated Legs with a few of our tall Silver Satin Legs (which they artistically swagged on their stage, to give it a completely original look), they were able to create an extraordinary motif for this event. They topped the design off with some of our custom built Pewter Textura pleated borders and some dazzling lighting effects, they were able to fully delight everyone in attendance.

With an extensive, diverse selection of eye-catching specialty drapes to choose from, contact one of our helpful account managers today to let us help you build the most magnificent event or production design imaginable!

7 01, 2020

Custom Digitally-Printed Backdrop “Soars” At Recent Airplane-Themed Event

By |January 7th, 2020|Digital Printing, Projects|2 Comments

We are thrilled to have been able to work with the brilliant photographer David Hershorn and his wonderfully artistic team at PhotoBohemia on several drapery projects this past year. His company offers his clients a one-of-a-kind, personalized “photo-booth” experience at parties, galas, benefits, and a wide variety of other special events all over California. In offering his clients these amazing exclusive packages, he is always looking to add creative-looking and highly photographable backdrops to his company’s available portfolio.

Working with David, we were able to build him a custom digitally-printed backdrop to use at an upcoming aviation-themed corporate event. He provided us with the adorable and fun-filled graphic image, and our incredible 10ft. wide Vutek direct digital printer was able to print him a seamless drape of this truly distinctive and entertaining image.

With his talented team of photographers (the ultra-hip “pilots” pictured below), they were able to offer their guests a really cool, authentic row of airplane seats to pose on and in front of, as well as costumed airline-motif characters to take photos with, too (pilots, stewards, and stewardesses).

As you can see, the event’s guests had an absolute blast doing all kinds of hilarious and silly poses. The rich color saturation of our digital printer ink onto the FR Heavy Knit substrate is a surefire way to really wow your audience with a vibrant, travel-friendly backdrop that is perfect for special events, trade shows, concert tours, and productions of all kinds and sizes. With the help of our master sewing team, we can manufacture you a gorgeous, unique, digitally-printed backdrop up to practically any size or configuration that you desire. Pardon the pun, but this event would probably say “The Sky’s The Limit!”

With multiple printable substrates to choose from, we can help build you the most ideal drape for any type of scenario (translucent, opaque, wrinkle-resistant, permanent, matte, glossy, etc.). Contact one of our helpful account managers today, and learn some more information on how versatile and affordable a custom curtain can be for YOUR next big event, too!