As you very likely know by now, we here at Sew What? Inc. love social gatherings, and getting the opportunity to relax and hang out with one other both professionally as well as socially. And we especially enjoy when we get to share a good meal or a delicious snack together, too!

Recently we were thrilled to once again enjoy the delectable ice cream stylings of King Kone Ice Cream truck with our 2019 Ice Cream Social. This amazing ice cream desert company came to our warehouse to perfectly serve the entire SW Staff, along with our wonderful neighbors from Lowy Enterprises, some incredibly refreshing, creamy, tasty ice cream delights.

We were able to choose from a wide variety of incredibly mouthwatering options from their menu—or have them custom build us a luscious treat to order. From malts to milkshakes, to banana splits to hot fudge sundaes, to rainbow colored shaved ice, to ice cream sandwiches—there was literally something for every particular taste and unique craving that we could come up with.

And with new and scrumptious flavors like Koo Koo For Coconut, Rocky Mountain, Almond Jubilee, and Sea Salted chocolate dipped coatings, everyone was completely ecstatic with their afternoon sugar-fest.

Even company pooch Crispin got in on the action, and made sure to check out everyone’s dessert and see if there was anything he could do to “help” keep the area clean and tidy, and free from any fallen peanut topping or cone crumb that may have accidentally fallen.

Having a few minutes to goof off with one another and devour an ice cold treat on a hot summer’s day is one of the reasons that working at Sew What is so much fun. Social events like these are a great way to keep our energy levels up during busy tour and holiday season “rushes”, and we always appreciate what owner Megan Duckett generously gives to both her staff, and our neighboring businesses, on a regular basis.