Next in our Meet The Staff—UPDATES! Blog series is someone who has been an incredible addition to the company from her very first day here—Marilyn Moss. Having worked in the theatrical drapery and supply business for decades, right here in Southern California, she is an expert in anything and everything related to theatrical fabrics and customization. She’s an enormous help for both our clients as well as her colleagues, offering insights and suggestions for all kinds of production and concert tour stage designs. Please take a moment and learn a little more about this invaluable member of the Whatter’s family, Marilyn!

What were you originally hired to do, and how have your duties/job descriptions changed since working here?

I was hired as a sales representative for Sew What? back in 2015. Even though my job description hasn’t technically changed, I am just amazed at how much I still–almost daily–learn and discover new aspects of theatrical drapery manufacturing even after being in this crazy (yet fulfilling and fun!) business for so long. With many of our individual projects being unique within themselves, we unquestionably absorb a lot from sharing their details with one another. Plus, we also learn from the jobs themselves–what to do again next time, as well as what maybe NOT to do.  It is really wonderful to work for a company where everyone helps each other out so readily and easily. And also to work in a place where the entire staff seems to want to share their knowledge, ideas, recommendations, and experiences in order to achieve the common goal of making sure that the customer is not just satisfied, but also blown away by their purchased and/or rental drapes, as well as our overall customer service.

What are some favorite memories from being part of the Sew What? family?

I like that occasional surprises of Ice Cream Days, or when a Taco Truck comes by, as well as when the whole company gets together for holidays to share some good food and hearty laughs. It’s never a dull moment around here when we all get together to eat! And of course I absolutely adore our little company squirrel, Miss Trixie, with all of my heart…There is just something so endearing about her sweet expression, and seeing her waiting for me to hand her breakfast every morning when I come into work is an absolute highlight in my day. I mean, just look at her lovable face!

What project have you worked on recently that was interesting or challenging?

The most recent project that I worked on that was both challenging and interesting was when I was asked by my client to build them a larger than life, IFR Textura multi-piece drapery set….which they wanted to also use it as a double kabuki drop.  Not only did each leg–stage left and stage right–have 3 distinct parts to them, but one of the segments was also a huge custom-built swag.  Fortunately for me, the style of swag was something we had done before. However, the real challenge was more about making sure that this swag fell into place beautifully and properly after the first of these kabuki drops.  A big “thumbs up!” to the workroom on this one….as it looked completely spectacular!