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30 04, 2019

Aluminum Metal Mesh Drapes Help Build Dynamic Rock Tour Stage Design

By |April 30th, 2019|Clients, Products, Projects|1 Comment

Our clients have quickly come to realize that Aluminum Metal Mesh drapes are a fantastic option for ALL kinds of stage designs, and that they add “electricity” to numerous types of occasions—and not JUST at rock concerts and tours anymore (but they are absolutely perfect suited for those, too).  Events ranging widely–from Barbershop Harmony and Christmas orchestral concerts, to school productions, corporate events, and video shoots–these striking theatrical curtains have something that will completely dazzle everyone who lays eyes on them.


We were thrilled to work with gifted Tour Manager Eric Frankhouser and his amazing team of stage designers and producers for the Eels Tour last summer. He was looking for a material that would give a little edginess to the overall stage design, while still adhering to this ultra-cool American rock band’s overall eclectic vibe. They needed it to be easy to tour with, easy to hang, and—most importantly–easy to spectacularly light up. It was a no-brainer—they decided to use some Metal Mesh rental panels from our Industrial Textures Specialty Drapery Collection.


This wonderfully textured substrate makes it easier to create distinctive looks throughout the same event, all while using the exact same drapery. Various colored theatrical lighting and gobo effects added incredible diversity, drama, and excitement to each individual look of the show. And the crunchy, wrinkled texture of these drapes make them ideal for touring, too—as you can literally just hang them up right out of the hamper, and they’re good to go!  

Eels, o2 Academy, Glasgow, 4th July 2018

The tour was ecstatic with the way that these drapes worked seamlessly with their shows’ indie-pop-alternative-pop-rock atmosphere. Their lighting team did a flawless job with interweaving various lighting schemes for every song, giving them each their own unique look and feel. You can view more gorgeous photos taken by some supremely talented photographers while out on tour, and see how the band’s brilliant design team was able to create a truly memorable background for this extraordinary group of musicians.  If you are able to check out this band in person, you really should–they are currently out on another international tour and it is definitely not one to miss. Feel free to contact one of our helpful sales reps to see if our selection of Metal Mesh rental drapes fit your upcoming event’s staging needs. If not, then we can also custom build you a Metal Mesh drape to work effortlessly with your next production’s exclusive size and style.

Eels - O2 Academy Brixton, London - 2nd July 2018

22 04, 2019

Complementary Mix of Rental Drapes Help To Fashion A Vibrant Motif

By |April 22nd, 2019|Products, Projects|1 Comment

It always impresses us to see the unique and innovative ways our wonderfully creative clients utilize our rental theatrical stage drapes for their special events not just across the country, but particularly here locally in Southern California, too. With specialty curtains custom built right here in our LA sewing room, and always consisting of the highest quality IFR fabrics, Rent What’s Rental Specialty Drapery Collections carry a selection of colors, styles, and sizes to perfectly suite your own unique design needs. Recently, the exceedingly popular youth-culture television channel Freeform (previously known as ABC Family) had its second annual Freeform Summit here in Los Angeles at the renowned Goya Studios. This symposium, branded “A Stage For Everyone,” was a high-profile series of talks and meetings conceived to discuss its many network projects focusing on authentic storytelling, inclusion, and representation.

We were thrilled to work with the fabulous event production company for this event, Big Time Operators, and especially their owner and chief designer Joseph Jensen. He came to us looking for a mix of gorgeous—and eclectic–rental drapes that would work as both a beautiful backdrop for the conference’s main speakers, while also offering the flexibility to customize the looks for various panel discussions throughout the day. Choosing drapes from our Timeless and Traditional Rental Drapery Collection, they started by using our velvety, luxurious Grey Super-Vel Pleated Drapery Legs as center panels that could easily be tied onto the venue’s light grid at unique intervals and angles, giving a distinctive dimensionality to the center stage. Next they chose our magnificent Pewter Textura Pleated Drape Panels to help extend the silvery “vibe” along the length of the wall, thereby crafting an irresistibly textured and completely polished look for this prestigious event’s overall motif.

By simply adding some splashes of vibrant, colorful theatrical lighting onto this mix of curtains, they were able to construct a fresh, new look for every portion of the summit. As you can see, they did a fantastic job creating a memorable and energetic design with dazzling Rent What? rental drapes, spectacular lighting schemes, and a lively, youthful décor. Let us help you to fashion a one-of-a-kind look for your own upcoming special event, tour, production, or trade show with our extraordinary rental or custom-built stage drapes, too!

16 04, 2019

Simple Elegance Of Austrian Zip-Wall Drapes Work Impeccably For Tour

By |April 16th, 2019|Clients, Products, Projects|1 Comment

We have been so proud of the images and comments coming back to us lately from happy Rent What? clients who have used our striking rental drapes for their special events, concerts, and tours. Our theatrical curtains are all easy to hang, easy to ship, and are absolutely outstanding with reflecting colorful lighting–which can better help create unique and gorgeous one-of-a-kind looks for all kinds of stage designs.

November 20 - Jorja Smith + Ravyn Lenae @ Orpheum Theatre

Recently we were thrilled to work with the incredible Lighting Designer Tyler Trofatter, with Trofatter Productions. He needed some breathtaking, yet versatile, rental drapes that he and his lighting director Matthew Kemp could impeccably light up on a leg of Jorja Smith’s much-anticipated–and smash success–national tour.  Known for her charming–yet complexly vibrant–songs, they didn’t want to build a stage design that would be overly extravagant. Tyler and the exceptionally talented lighting team at HSL strived to have this up-and-coming young songstress’s enraptured audiences be able to fully hear and absorb the words and the music coming from the songs themselves, and not be distracted by a lot of “muss and fuss” onstage. But they still wanted to create a beautiful, picturesque background for this soulful and sultry powerhouse to sing in front of, too. 


They would require rental drapes that could fit in various sized concert halls, but still needed something that they would look magnificent in and of themselves, too. Choosing 30’h x 16’w Cloud Satin Austrian Zip-Wall Curtains (from our Silver Satin Rental Drapery Collection), they could zip together as many–or as few–as they needed to create the backdrop necessary for that particular stage’s dimensions. As you can see by these amazing photos (taken by some supremely gifted tour photographers), they did a truly sensational job with the show’s entire motif!

Jorja Smith 11/26/2018 #16

The fantastic staging, the perfectly added décor, the dazzling RW drapes, the stunning theatrical lighting…they all lent to fashioning a genuinely spectacular tour design not soon forgotten by Smith’s excited audiences all over the country. Let our team of drapery experts help provide you with some of our exquisite rental OR custom-made theatrical curtains for your upcoming special event, concert, or production, too.