Tour and Event Designers—-Have you checked out our mesmerizing and absolutely stunning IFR Black Gold Illusion pleated rental stage drapes and matching swagged border yet? This fabric’s innovative duo of glistening and matte poly satin surfaces leads to an incredibly one-of-a-kind swanky, glamorous look. With millions of little squares of fabric in scintillating shades of pewter and gold satin, in natural lighting this fabric appears as if it’s liquid metallic gold, and will beautifully reflect any other hue you wish it to when colorful lighting is splashed onto it.

You can see how this dramatic fabric lends itself to making stage drapery incredibly versatile, adding excitement and splendor to all kinds of productions. Everyone from rock tours, church productions, special events, and holiday affairs have superbly used these gorgeous theatrical curtains for their shows, and could not have been more thrilled with the results.

With pre-pleated drapery legs at 23’h x 10’w each, and a 40’w Swagged Border (with swags ranging in size from 5’6”-6’h), this drape set from our Timeless and Traditional Drapery Collection has added magnificent, eye-catching grandeur to all types and styles of stage designs. Contact one of our helpful sales reps today, and see if these rental drapes might be the perfect fit for your upcoming special event, too!