Color—it can truly help you create a completely one-of-a-kind design, and is a considerable aspect of “branding” yourself for your audiences to recognize far beyond even your name, image, or graphics might be able to do. Our artistic and savvy clients know this, which is why we try to offer them colored rental drapery whenever possible, in order for them to really “hit home” their event’s overall focus.

Recently we were thrilled to be able to work again with the dynamic event producers Michael and Deb Roccoforte with FORTE, by helping supply them with some of our striking rental pipe pocket drapery that they needed for a genuinely important event for their own client, Wabash College. Taking place at the renowned Indiana State Museum, they knew that the school’s bright and identifying color scheme is highlighted by a brilliant rich shade of red. Therefore they wanted to have a likely-colored background for all of their own digital banners and cubes decorating the event space, to better tie everything together into one eye-catching theme.

Choosing from the various colors of rental pipe pocket drapery that we offer to use with their own existing pb hardware, they decided on renting some of our gorgeous Atomic Red Super-Vel pipe pocket curtains that wove in beautifully with the school’s distinctive color motif. This 8oz. fabric is quickly becoming a fabulous and economical alternative to heavier velour fabrics with a very similar look and feel. These curtains are also ideal for travel, as this type of inherently flame retardant, lightweight fabric is durable, wrinkle resistant, and road-tough.

We were so incredibly pleased to see what an outstanding job they did for this event’s memorable design, and were also absolutely delighted with what a perfect background these drapes made for the school’s marketing pieces. Check out our website to see the numerous colors and sizes of pipe pocket drapery that we offer in our rental collection. And we would love for you to contact one of our helpful sales reps today to see if we can provide you with rental or custom pipe pocket drapery for your next big upcoming special event, too.