Sometimes helping set the stage at one of our clients’ special occasions becomes a matter of not just décor and cosmetics, but can also help provide a picturesque setting for them to be able to produce a very important event, too. This happened recently, when we were thrilled to be able to work again with Reid Santabarbara from Reid Santabarbara Design. He wanted to arrange for a refined, yet memorable, backdrop for one of these important events—The 35th Annual Seattle University Gala, which every year helps to raise scholarship money for bright and motivated students in financial need.

Looking to have something that would help illuminate the stage for speakers, video presentations, and award ceremonies alike, Reid wanted some stunning rental stage drapery that would be flexible enough to work well with each element of the event. He and his event producer JT Sapp from Pike Street Productions decided to use some gorgeous and stylish White Voile LED drapes from our Delightably White Rental Collection as a striking background for the event–and their design turned out truly magnificent indeed! These sheer, pre-pleated IFR stage drapes have strings of beautiful, warm-toned (static) LED lights sewn right into them, which helped give their gala’s overall look a completely charming, elegant feel.

Showcase them in their lovely natural state (with the room lights on or off), or try splashing some colorful theatrical lighting onto them to really dazzle your audience. Lightweight to ship and hang, these low-tech “plug and play” drapes are an easy way to add some enchantment to any special event you might have—especially around the quickly approaching holidays! Contact one of our sales reps so that we can help you find the most exquisite drapery options from all of our Rental Drapery Collections for all of your upcoming special occasions, too.