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Monthly Archives: October 2018

15 10, 2018

Exquisite Rental Drapes Help Create Memorable Stage Design For Holiday Production

By |October 15th, 2018|Products, Projects|2 Comments

Living in Southern California affords us many wonderful benefits, one of which being the gloriously warm weather that we experience much of the year. We really love having our warehouse and main office in the Southeast Los Angeles area, but sometimes with the sun shining so brightly outside we fail to realize that the holidays are quickly approaching. I recently came across these fabulous photos that really helped showcase one of the magnificent types of stage designs that our clients can create during the holiday season, using curtains from our eclectic Rental Drapery Collections.

We loved working last winter with the supremely talented event designer, Art Arellanes (from Arcadio Productions), on the yearly marvelous holiday production at Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach. He had his own gorgeous “crystal beaded” string drapes that he wanted to flank each side of the stage, but he wanted to enhance the charm and elegance of the overall look with a few added main stage drapes, too. He and his team were able to build this incredibly remarkable stage by inserting an assortment of our charming sheer White Voile curtains from our Delightably White Rental Drapery Collection as absolutely perfect accent pieces.

Utilizing our exquisite 24’h x 9’w White Voile Pleated Legs as well as our striking White Voile Swaggettes in both 9’h x 12’w and 11’h x 16’w sizes, he was able to fashion several uniquely spectacular looks for this extraordinary yearly holiday event. Splashing dramatic and colorful theatrical lighting elements onto the drapes for the various performances gave the stage an absolutely stunning motif, thereby helping keep each part of the program both exciting and engaging for their parishioners.

We were thrilled with how completely enchanting this church’s “classic” Christmas-themed showcase turned out, and we are truly looking forward to providing rental and custom drapery for all of the upcoming holiday designs that our imaginative clients like Art come up with this year as well. Let us assist you with crafting a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind look for your holiday parties, concerts, productions, services, and soirees of all forms and sizes. Simply contact one of our representatives so that we can offer you beneficial advice, helpful suggestions, and beautiful options for creating your next special event design.


9 10, 2018

Legendary Musician Rocks Out In Front Of Custom Backdrop

By |October 9th, 2018|Products, Projects|2 Comments

Sometimes the simplest of stage design concepts can have the biggest impact on the overall feel of a special event or concert. Using a custom-built digitally printed backdrop, banner, or step-and-repeat is the perfect way to have a huge influence on the audience’s excitement over the production, and a great way to create awesome memories for the spectators enjoying the show. This past summer we were thrilled to work with the creative and innovative design team for the renowned singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Johnny Marr (one of the original beloved member of The Smiths). He has an impressive national and international tour going through at least the end of the year, and they wanted to add a little splash of something fun to hang behind him on stage.

Johnny Marr en Riot Fest Chicago 2018

They wanted a backdrop that would be edgy and engaging, but not so much so that it would distract from Mr. Marr singing and performing with his band. It would have to be easy to hang up right out of the bag, and yet be versatile enough to still stand out on stages and venues of all sizes, and for both daytime and nighttime shows. But they also wanted a drape that their team could light up with colorful lighting effects and would add a dash of drama to delight his adoring fans hanging on every note. They decided on a completely unique image (provided by them) that we were able to print directly onto FR Crystal Poplin. This substrate’s tight weave allowed for a sharp, crisp image, and an almost “shiney” appearance which worked out great for this one-of-a-kind graphic.

Visit out our new Flickr Gallery to see some more incredible photos by a couple of wonderful photographers of this backdrop being used during a few of his recent performances. Please contact us so that we can also help you create the most perfect, distinctive custom backdrop for your upcoming special event, tour, production, competition, or convention. And if you have the opportunity to check out the truly gifted artist Johnny Marr on his current tour, we highly suggest that you do!

8 10, 2018

Meet The Staff–UPDATES! Chris Greenhaw

By |October 8th, 2018|Company, Rent What Team, Sew What Team|2 Comments

Many of the Sew What? team members have worn lots of hats over the years, and assist in numerous ways in several seemingly completely different departments. It’s why we’ve worked as such a “well-oiled machine” for so long (we never have oil around the drapes though, lol!), and why we’ve been able to enjoy our success in this mad-cap industry for over 15 years. We’ve also learned to ebb and flow with our employees’ abundant strengths, so that we can better utilize everyone’s attributes in the smartest, most efficient way possible. Because of that, I have decided to not only have our readers meet and learn a little bit about our amazing staff members as they join our wonderful family here. But also, I want to have them revisit our Whatters in a brand new “Meet The Staff—UPDATES!” blog series over the course of the next few months. You can see those that have been rockin’ in their original position for their entire duration here at RW/SW, and those that have moved on to completely different areas of focus and expertise. We couldn’t be prouder of everyone’s hard work and diligence–always managing to keep our company fresh, invigorated, and ahead of the game!


What were you originally hired to do, and how have your duties/job descriptions changed since working here? (even if your job title hasn’t changed) Please explain…

Originally, I was hired back in 2011 as part of the rental QC and daily operations staff.  After a few years, I started learning the ins and outs of the rental department, as well as the general receiving of all inbound theatrical supplies for the company (i.e. fabrics, webbing, etc.). In early 2017 I accepted the logistics coordinator position for both SW? and RW?, and currently handle all of the inbound and outbound shipments of our finished products (rentals and custom orders), freight and small parcel shipment quoting, general receiving, and the in-town driver’s schedule. I also provide back-up for the rental and shipping department whenever it’s needed. 

What is a favorite recent memory/circumstance/event from being part of the Sew What? family?

The atmosphere of the workplace is what I admire the most. The company prides itself on creating the family aspect, and it makes you feel comfortable.  Everything we do is a direct reflection of that.

What project have you worked on recently that was interesting or challenging? What did you learn from it?

Operations on a day to day basis bring new challenges.  Everything from rush orders to emergency repairs to last minute deliveries are always providing interesting challenges—no two days are alike.

Anything more you would like to add about the development and evolution of RW/SW? Inc.?

Working at Sew What? and Rent What? have been more than anything I could have asked for. I look forward to seeing both of the companies grow and grow.

3 10, 2018

Sew What? and Rent What? Sales Reps Go From Office to Sewing Room

By |October 3rd, 2018|Company, Rent What Team, Sew What Team|2 Comments

Recently, the office staff had the opportunity to work with our talented staff in the sewing room. We each spent 5 hours in the sewing room on the cutting table, the pinning table or at QC. This gave the sales staff the opportunity to not only learn the product better, but also have a clear understanding of how the sales process connects with the sewing process and gain insight into the skills and time needed to complete these projects.

I started at the cutting table with Jorge, who has been with the company for over 21 years. We began by analyzing the cut list that was given to us by the sales person and checking to make sure that the fabric was completely clean and intact. After that, we measured out the correct amount of fabric. Once it was measured, we smoothed out the fabric, cut it into pieces and folded up each piece to give to the pinning table. Jorge is incredible at his job and patiently waited for me to slowly catch up to him. He made sure that every cut was measured correctly and that each piece was folded meticulously.

Next, I worked at the pinning table with Sara, Gloria, and Maria. Again, we started by checking the cut list that was passed down from the cutting table. We were working with a 22oz Encore, which is much harder to push a pin through than you would think, and we began by folding and pinning around the edges. The fabric was so thick that I bent most of my pins and poked myself almost every single time trying to push them through. Sara, Gloria and Maria made the pinning look completely effortless and I could barely put two pins in before they finished the entire piece of fabric.

Lastly, I worked in QC. Miguel showed me how they add ties onto the sewn drapes and push a tie through the top hem. We took a long, skinny pole with string attached to push through the top of the drape. This was not an easy task; I was using all the muscle in my arms to get that pole to the end. Not only did we have to push the string through, but we had to tie tight knots through every grommet along the top of the drape. After finishing all the ties, we checked that the measurements were correct and attached it to the truss to be lifted and checked one last time. Once it was brought back down, we folded the finished product and placed it into a Sew What? bag. Miguel was incredibly careful that the drape was the correct size and that it was all input correctly for the customer.

This experience has taught me a lot about how much effort and detail is put into every single drape that we make. Everyone in the sewing room is amazing at their job and has such incredible skill that is unmatchable. I feel so lucky that I get to be apart of such a hard-working team that truly cares about the quality of their product.

2 10, 2018

Black Chrome Illusion Austrian Drape Offers Grandeur To Any Type Of Stage Design

By |October 2nd, 2018|Products|1 Comment

Are you searching for a rental stage drape that has a classic, gorgeous appearance in and of itself? That looks spectacular in all varieties of designs—both with colorful theatrical lighting splashed onto it as well as in natural, no-frills lighting? And are you looking for something easy that you can literally hang right out of the hamper, ready to dazzle your audiences for all kinds of occasions in a matter of minutes? (and of course, it also has to be “Crispin Approved”)

You should consider renting our breathtaking and ultra-hip Black Chrome Illusion Austrian Drape from our Timeless and Traditional Drapery Collection. It is absolutely stunning, and will give your concert, production, or other special event a truly decadent, resplendent look and feel. With an eye-catching IFR fabric consisting of a smattering of tiny satin squares in dazzling shades of black, pewter, and silver satin, this striking drape always creates quite the stir at all types of special events.

As a fully operational Austrian drape with lift lines at 4’ OC (on center), you can use it with our rental Lift System to cleanly and seamlessly raise it up and down to give your stage some genuinely exciting drama. Or you can hang it as a non-operable backdrop to add elegance and grandeur to your overall event design. We can ship it anywhere in the country in one of our super sturdy, road-ready hampers, so location is not an issue. Contact one of our representatives today to learn further valuable information about this magnificent drape, so that you can possibly use it for your upcoming production, too!