Sometimes the simplest of stage design concepts can have the biggest impact on the overall feel of a special event or concert. Using a custom-built digitally printed backdrop, banner, or step-and-repeat is the perfect way to have a huge influence on the audience’s excitement over the production, and a great way to create awesome memories for the spectators enjoying the show. This past summer we were thrilled to work with the creative and innovative design team for the renowned singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Johnny Marr (one of the original beloved member of The Smiths). He has an impressive national and international tour going through at least the end of the year, and they wanted to add a little splash of something fun to hang behind him on stage.

Johnny Marr en Riot Fest Chicago 2018

They wanted a backdrop that would be edgy and engaging, but not so much so that it would distract from Mr. Marr singing and performing with his band. It would have to be easy to hang up right out of the bag, and yet be versatile enough to still stand out on stages and venues of all sizes, and for both daytime and nighttime shows. But they also wanted a drape that their team could light up with colorful lighting effects and would add a dash of drama to delight his adoring fans hanging on every note. They decided on a completely unique image (provided by them) that we were able to print directly onto FR Crystal Poplin. This substrate’s tight weave allowed for a sharp, crisp image, and an almost “shiney” appearance which worked out great for this one-of-a-kind graphic.

Visit out our new Flickr Gallery to see some more incredible photos by a couple of wonderful photographers of this backdrop being used during a few of his recent performances. Please contact us so that we can also help you create the most perfect, distinctive custom backdrop for your upcoming special event, tour, production, competition, or convention. And if you have the opportunity to check out the truly gifted artist Johnny Marr on his current tour, we highly suggest that you do!