When our clients come to us with a design vision for a one-time very special occasion, we love being able to recommend the perfect rental drapes from our Specialty Drapery Collections to help them complete their distinctive event theme. And even better is when our rental drapes allow their lighting team to illicit the most wonderful and awe-inspiring looks imaginable.

Recently we were extremely honored to get to work with the talented Bob Higa with the Higa Group, who was an event producer for The National Associating of Catering Events (NACE) “One Award” 60th Anniversary Diamond Gala and Awards Ceremony at the NACE Experience Conference this past summer. What an exceptionally remarkable night it was, and we were thrilled that its overall motif turned out completely spectacular! Located in a gorgeous ballroom at a resort in sunny Palm Springs, California, Bob and the team at PSAV Lighting created a dazzling “old Hollywood look” to the layout that worked perfectly with the event’s otherworldly, captivating feel.

Working with superb event designer Wendy Dahl of Chic Productions, Bob knew that this event would have several segments that would each need to be memorable in their own unique way, while also still utilizing the same rental curtains for each part. They decided to use our gorgeous White Voile Pleated drapery legs and beautifully corresponding White Voile Swagettes from our Delightably White Drapery Collection. By hanging these along the back stage, and with PSAV’s innovative rear-lighting schemes, the audience was able to also visually enjoy the band playing right behind the drapes during the initial part of the program. Once the awards and presentations occurred later in the production, they were able to splash some colorful and radiant front-lighting effects to the staging—which added an entirely new and stunning appearance to the exact same drapery.

As you can see by the magnificent photos provided by skillful photographers Rand Larson of Morningstar Productions, Bill Liles of PSAV, and Bob Higa himself, the design for this remarkable event turned out absolutely breathtaking. You can check out additional gala photos taken by other members of NACE on the event’s Flickr page, and prepared to be utterly blown away! We were so thrilled with how this gala ceremony’s design turned out, and would love to help YOU create a one-of-a-kind look for your own upcoming special event, too.