You must know by now that we have a lot of fun working on special projects with our clients to help them build amazing and memorable stage designs for all kinds of events, concerts, productions, tours, and everything in between. Either through custom-sewn theatrical drapes, or with an assortment of gorgeous curtains and theatrical embellishments from our rental drapery collections, we strive to help our customers create spectacular stage designs no matter how large or small the occasion might be–or what kind of budget they might need to stick to.

What really delights us is then hearing back from our wonderfully imaginative clients on how our products might have truly impacted their special events for the better, and especially when they share a photo, video, or specific feedback about the drapery. Because of this, we are always very excited to showcase these shared images NOT ONLY on our revamped website, but also through our many social media sites. With so many to now choose from, we love offering our online connections some breathtaking examples of stage drapery and designs to help keep their minds and hearts inspired for the next show.

Whether you like watching videos on our YouTube Channel, checking out our photos and hashtags on our Instagram page, or getting the scoop on great suggestions and ideas with our Facebook page—we have a little something for everyone! Our Pinterest and Flickr Galleries offer exceptional pictures taken by incredibly gifted photographers, to better assist you in fine tuning your design vision. And, of course, our Google+ and LinkedIn pages are fantastic places to gain vital insight about not only our products, but of various elements from the theatrical drapery industry in general.

We extend fair warning though—our social media sites are completely addictive, so once you start perusing through all of those remarkable and engaging photos, videos, and tidbits of invaluable information, you may find that time has completely flown by! Feel free to give us a call or online inquiry if you have any questions at all about the goods and services that we offer, and let us help you construct the most fabulous and dramatic event design you that could have ever imagined.