When you are working with an artist and band that are larger-than-life in personality, it only makes sense to create a stage design that will appear larger-than-life as well.  Arguably one of the biggest personalities to take foot on any concert stage is the vivacious and brilliant pop singer Boy George, and especially so when he’s performing with his talented (off and on) band of over 37 years, Culture Club. Together they have dazzled audiences far and wide for almost four decades, and don’t show signs of stopping any time soon!

Boy George and Culture Club performing in Austin, Texas (2018-07-10)

Set Designer “Extraordinaire” Baz Halpin of Silent House Productions contacted our Senior Account Manager Shane Nelsen to have Sew What? Inc. provide them with some exceptionally one-of-a-kind stage drapes for Culture Club’s current international “Life” tour. These concerts will be blazing around the world from summer through winter (and beyond), and on arena and theatres stages of all sizes and layouts. They needed an eclectic array of fabulous soft goods that they could swag, drape, and frame the prosceniums with that could be blended together to create a luminous, dramatic appearance for audiences of all magnitudes to enjoy.

Boy George & Culture Club - 31 July 2018

They chose some IFR Crushed Gloss Silver Satin as the fabric to build all of these various theatrical stage drapes out of—which is a fantastic fabric to tour with. It is Inherently Flame Retardant so it tests well at venues, it is already “crushed” so it comes out of the hamper already made with a remarkable texture (and therefore is not afraid of wrinkling), and it’s a sturdy fabric so it does well with hanging along trusses and bastions. Using Baz’s incredibly imaginative design vision and drapery diagrams, Shane was able to have our gifted sewing team build 19 completely independent and completely unique curtains for this tour.

Boy George and Culture Club performing in Austin, Texas (2018-07-10)

And with Tour Manager Ian Faddie’s truly inspired “eye for staging”, the tour’s team is able to build an astonishing stage at each and every show. Using an assortment of custom-made, striking Angle/Profile Cut Drapes, exceptional Tab Drapes, and phenomenal Swagged Drapes, this design has a little bit of everything to it….and always ends with completely breathtaking