No one rocks out on stage quite like our Sew What clients do—and no two are alike! So why should their drapes be alike? Recently our Senior Account Manager Shane Nelsen worked with the team for powerhouse Australian Indie Rock singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett’s current International tour. They wanted us to help to create some custom stage drapes that would give them a one-of-a-kind look that would allow their team to transform all sizes and types of tour stages — from larger-than-life outdoor arenas to more intimate club and theatre venues.

Courtney Barnett - Courtney Melba Barnett with Bones Sloane, Dave Mudie, Dan Luscombe & Katie Harkin

This past spring, gifted lighting designer Heather Cosette contacted Shane Nelsen. Heather had developed an innovative design concept for the upcoming tour, and she wanted our help in making her design come to life. Shane was more than happy to take on this challenge! Heather’s design was based on a traditional  “Austrian drape” pattern. However, rather than sewing these drapes with the customary 4 ft swags, or “smiles,” that a typical Austrian drape has, she wanted these 30’h drapes to all have a dramatic single 20’w swag instead.

Courtney Barnett

Next up was choosing the right fabric. Heather envisioned an opaque metallic fabric that would look fantastic indoors and outdoors, with or without colorful theatrical lighting splashed onto it, and from both near and far away. Shane highly recommended FR Black-Silver Metallic Knit Boucle, and once she saw how dazzling this fabric appeared (especially with swags and fullness sewn in), she never looked back! The various lighting elements sometimes made the drapes look shimmery, other times like sheet metal, and still other times almost velvety in texture.


We were beyond thrilled with how spectacular these versatile drapes turned out for Ms. Barnett’s tour, and we were very excited to be a part of this amazing, original project. Contact one of our reps today so that we can help turn your own design vision into “on-stage reality,” too! And if you can check out one of these brilliantly engaging shows this fall when the Courtney Barnett Tour comes back to the US in September and October, you can see these lovely drapes in person.

Dare to be inspired–You can see these distinctive custom drapes being showcased beautifully with additional photos in one of the new galleries on our SW Flickr page.

Courtney Barnett, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker at Surly Festival Field Minneapolis