We love seeing firsthand what a dramatic impact the perfect style of stage drapery can have on the general feel and look of a concert, production, convention, or other exclusive event. When they are constructed by using some of our gorgeous, eclectic rental theatrical curtains, well, that makes it extra special! And sometimes what makes it even more extraordinary is when our innovative and artistic clients think “outside the box” on what would typically be a “standard” stage design for their own particular event, thereby making a stage that genuinely dazzles their audience.

Recently, we were thrilled to work with the visionary production designer Jim McClellan from AEG Presents, a production partner with AEG Live Events. As the event’s scenic designer, he was interested in creating a memorable atmosphere for the very much anticipated yearly Barbershop Harmony Society International Competition. This high-profile occasion would bring in thousands of people all over the world to both participate in the weeklong phenomenon, as well as enjoy it in person and via live streaming from the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This venue had a delightfully large stage set up, so he wanted to use some striking drapes from our Rental Specialty Drapery Collections that would both be stunning in and of themselves, and also versatile enough to really excite this enthusiastic audience from performance to performance throughout the entire competition.

Furthermore, Jim wanted to build an unforgettable stage using rental theatrical curtains that would give a little edginess to the overall appearance of the design, too. Using drapes from our Industrial Textures Collection, he decided on using a wide row of Metal Mesh curtains to be the main backdrop behind the singers and the rest of the stage embellishments. These adaptable drapes are perfect for travelling—they pop out of the hamper ready to hang. The more crinkles on this style of drape, the better to give the stage a wonderfully textured, dynamic façade. They also hung some lovely grey velour panels behind the drapes to add some more dimension and uniformity to the layout.

The LED panels and brilliant theatrical lighting provided by Kenny Kightlinger and Ryan Lilly of Logic Systems St. Louis lit up center stage with the event’s logo as well as terrifically colorful splashes of lighting throughout the shows, giving each group their own unique mood and character. Utilizing projection video supplied by Vision Visuals, and with the video control and cameras all supplied by TNDV, this outstanding production team were able to put together a truly one-of-a-kind, distinctive ambiance for every performance.

As you can see with these fabulous photos provided by photographer Jon Read and also from Jim McClellan, the stage design turned out absolutely breathtaking. We loved being a part of their design vision, and were completely blown away with how incredibly remarkable the set looked. We cannot wait to see what design he and his team with AEG come up with for next summer’s competition. Do not hesitate to contact one of our rental drapery specialists today so that we can help you create a magnificent display for your upcoming event or concert, too!