Custom Theatrical Drapery—that is Sew What?’s genuine passion, and what truly excites us to the core. Helping to actualize our clients’ one-of-a-kind design visions into a mind-blowing reality gives us a thrill like nothing else–the more creative and innovative the theatrical drapery design, the better! Recently our Senior Account Manager Shane Nelsen got to work with David Watts (Senior Projects Manager) and his pioneering team at Bartha Visual, on an event led by Krystie O’Brien (Show Producer). They came to Shane to help them by constructing some custom curtains for an exclusive stage design for the main arena at a huge youth event that would take place earlier this summer. Bringing approximately 33,000 teenagers to Houston for the ELCA Youth Gathering 2018 Conference at the NRG Stadium, this stage needed to both dazzle and captivate this enthusiastic audience throughout the week-long series of extraordinary concerts, engaging speeches, and memorable presentations.

They wanted a fabric that would showcase the team’s dynamic front-projected images and videos beautifully and flawlessly, and also be easy for their installation crew to work with. So David and Shane decided to have our “sewing magicians” cut and sew six separate curtains that were specifically built to blend with the edgy style that their designers were shooting for. Using IFR 15 oz. Encore Velour in White (for the projection surfaces) and Black (for the “negative space” in the profile cuts along their tops), these drapes became the perfect backdrop to showcase motivating and energizing motifs throughout the various performances during this truly unparalleled occasion.

Working with the imaginative Production/Set Designer Paul Keefer, incredibly spectacular lighting effects were projected onto these white panels by talented Lighting Designers Billy Davidson and Michael Hesmond all through the event– which completely electrified and enthralled their audiences. Photographed superbly by both Bartha’s Head Of Photography Max Rodriguez and Krystie O’Brien, you can clearly see just how exceptionally gorgeous and mesmerizing their stage design turned out for this successful convention.

We were completely blown away with how magnificent it all looked! Let us help take some of the stress out of your occasion by contacting one of our sales reps today so that we can help YOU create an absolutely unparalleled look for your upcoming special event, tour, or production, too.