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29 08, 2018

Mylar Rain Curtains Add Shimmery, Sparkly Drama To Many Kinds Of Stage Designs

By |August 29th, 2018|Products|1 Comment

There is no better time than now to start exploring the fabulous and versatile drapery design elements in our Oh’ So Swanky Rental Drapery Collection. More specifically, if you want to add some extra sparkle and shine to the event’s atmosphere, you can never go wrong with our exceptional Silver Mylar Rain Curtains. Try out these light-as-air rental drapes to give your staging some extra sparkly movement, providing you with a shimmery and glittery backdrop for all types of productions. Lightweight and easy to transport, these fierce theatrical curtains will heighten the drama with any style of event motif.

Mylar Rain Curtains are extremely durable with webbing, grommets, and ties on top, making them a breeze to hang and tour with. Our theatre clients love these appealing, easy-to-install drapes, too. These curtains can also be lit up in a multitude of ways, to help you produce the exact mood and tone that you are going for with each scene–making these a lighting designer’s dream come true. With the simple addition of some colorful lighting, these dynamic drapes can take on and reflect whatever color scheme you desire.

These beautiful rain curtains easily add a ton of sparkle and texture to what might otherwise be a very plain, lackluster stage or theatre. You can also layer these drapes with different colored draping behind them from our Specialty Rental Drapery Collections for enhanced flair and dimension. These versatile drapes can provide a wonderful splash of sparkle and excitement behind your dancers, singers, and guest speakers alike. Everyone from touring rock bands to special orchestra performances can enjoy designing with these lively drapes.

You can never go wrong with an old school mylar “rain curtain” – always a fun and shimmering backdrop for all kinds of productions. Consider adding some enchanting “Rain” to your next show or exclusive event—and just watch as they transform your stage design into something truly magical! Contact one of our representatives today, and we’ll be happy to help you better explore the best options for you—whether they be for a rental or custom drapes, based on your event’s own unique, distinctive needs.

28 08, 2018

Exquisite Custom Drapery Panels Create Stunning Backdrop For National Tour

By |August 28th, 2018|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Sometimes our clients are looking for alluring stage drapes that will completely captivate audiences of all kinds, yet still be adaptable enough to travel from location to location while out on a tour. Recently I had the opportunity to work with the talented production manager Deb Miller, with renowned tour production company OSA International. They wanted us to build them custom theatrical stage drapes for the upcoming tour for visionary musician, songwriter, composer, producer, and recording artist David Foster. Designing the stage for his “The Hitman Tour” this past summer, Deb wanted to make sure that the drapes would be stunning in and of themselves, but also be versatile enough to work in concert halls of all sizes and configurations.

Fabric choice was going to be absolutely vital in constructing this distinctive stage design. Deb knew that they wanted to be able to hang tall, silky, shimmery strips of fabric in panels as their main backdrop. This would enable the tour and lighting designers to not only fill the stage to be as wide or as narrow as it needed to be, but it would also allow them to utilize the “negative space” in between each drape to give the design extra depth and dimension.

Deb decided on a glittery White-Silver Domino fabric for these 30’h panels. We began with a reversible material that has striking metallic threading and a very soft hand, we then shirred this dazzling yet lightweight fabric at 100% fullness–enabling the tour to easily style these “ready to hang” curtains from show to show. And ties on top of the curtains allowed them to be hung as narrow or wide as the designers desired. Imaginative, colorful theatrical lighting effects played off of these textured drapes beautifully, helping give each segment of Mr. Foster’s shows a truly one-of-a-kind look and feel—just like his exceptional music!

Brilliantly photographed by both Robert Kusel and David Butler, you can see how these drapes added an impeccable touch to the tour’s overall timeless motif. We love to facilitate our clients’ unique design visions becoming a breathtaking reality through our fabulous custom-built stage drapes. Contact one of our sales reps today and let us further assist you with some lovely custom—or rental—curtains that will delight and excite your audiences, too!

21 08, 2018

Electrifying Custom-Built Stage Drapes Created For Dynamic World Tour

By |August 21st, 2018|Company, Fabrics, Products, Projects|1 Comment

When you are working with an artist and band that are larger-than-life in personality, it only makes sense to create a stage design that will appear larger-than-life as well.  Arguably one of the biggest personalities to take foot on any concert stage is the vivacious and brilliant pop singer Boy George, and especially so when he’s performing with his talented (off and on) band of over 37 years, Culture Club. Together they have dazzled audiences far and wide for almost four decades, and don’t show signs of stopping any time soon!

Boy George and Culture Club performing in Austin, Texas (2018-07-10)

Set Designer “Extraordinaire” Baz Halpin of Silent House Productions contacted our Senior Account Manager Shane Nelsen to have Sew What? Inc. provide them with some exceptionally one-of-a-kind stage drapes for Culture Club’s current international “Life” tour. These concerts will be blazing around the world from summer through winter (and beyond), and on arena and theatres stages of all sizes and layouts. They needed an eclectic array of fabulous soft goods that they could swag, drape, and frame the prosceniums with that could be blended together to create a luminous, dramatic appearance for audiences of all magnitudes to enjoy.

Boy George & Culture Club - 31 July 2018

They chose some IFR Crushed Gloss Silver Satin as the fabric to build all of these various theatrical stage drapes out of—which is a fantastic fabric to tour with. It is Inherently Flame Retardant so it tests well at venues, it is already “crushed” so it comes out of the hamper already made with a remarkable texture (and therefore is not afraid of wrinkling), and it’s a sturdy fabric so it does well with hanging along trusses and bastions. Using Baz’s incredibly imaginative design vision and drapery diagrams, Shane was able to have our gifted sewing team build 19 completely independent and completely unique curtains for this tour.

Boy George and Culture Club performing in Austin, Texas (2018-07-10)

And with Tour Manager Ian Faddie’s truly inspired “eye for staging”, the tour’s team is able to build an astonishing stage at each and every show. Using an assortment of custom-made, striking Angle/Profile Cut Drapes, exceptional Tab Drapes, and phenomenal Swagged Drapes, this design has a little bit of everything to it….and always ends with completely breathtaking results.  Colorful theatrical lighting motifs also help to give all parts of the show a completely unique mood and feel. Contact one of our representatives today so that we can help you make your theoretical design concept become a tangible reality for your next big concert, production, trade show, or other special event—either through sensational custom-built drapes, or from a variety of gorgeous rental draperies, too.