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31 07, 2018

Classic Stardrop LED Drape Sparkles At School Production

By |July 31st, 2018|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Our clients depend on obtaining beautiful theatrical stage drapery that is adaptable enough to be used for multiple parts of a single performance, concert, or production, and something that can easily transition from one act to another. And not just for rock concerts either— trade shows, churches, and even school productions also appreciate being able to have a versatile drapery that can be used in many different capacities for the same special event. We love being able to help provide them with some of our gorgeous rental drapes to help their stage designs become something truly special!

Recently we were thrilled to work once again with the imaginative theatre teacher and artistic director at Rock Ridge High School’s Performing Arts Department, Anthony Cimino-Johnson. We know how very sincerely Mr. Cimino-Johnson takes his job as instructor, as he was recognized as both an International Inspirational Theatre Educator of the Year and was named Virginia’s Theatre Teacher of the Year from the Educational Theatre Association. Therefore, with their upcoming production of Mary Poppins he wanted an exceptionally eye-catching drape that would help them create the appearance of a dramatic, crystal-clear night sky. He chose to use one of our Stardrop LED Rental Drapes, and we were very glad to be able to provide them with one!

Quick to install and extremely easy to operate, our Stardrop LED drape ended up being the perfect backdrop for a production that ended up having numerous lighting elements for various types of scenes throughout. These rental drapes consists of Blue-White LED lights on a rich backdrop of Black DFR Encore Velour. Easily programmable, our client could easily control the intensity and speed of flickering of the “twinkly starlights,” or have the lights stay completely on or off. Our Classic Stardrop LED drape offered not only the delightful and dramatic “starry sky” effect they were hoping for, but the rich black velour material also offered a great “void” for some production scenes that needed to stay nice and dark. This drape helped the school’s talented group of actors give each scene the exact look and feel that they sought after. The DMX Controller included with the rental allowed them to control the drape from both Front of House (FOH) off-stage with its own or Back of House (BOH) at their light board, which is a feature that lighting designers always appreciate having.

Another great attribute of our LED Stardrop curtains is that they are available for both rental and purchase.  Need one for a single show or short tour?  Renting is an affordable, amendable option—our versatile Classic LED drapes come in sizes 15’ x 30’ and 7’ x 30’ and can be run horizontally or vertically, allowing you to construct various sizes for your own unique stage. However, if you plan to utilize the drape over a long time frame, or require a custom size or light placement design, then purchasing an custom-built LED Stardrop is the way to go—and we will be very happy to help with that also!

25 07, 2018

Fantastic Example Of A Heavy Knit Digitally Printed Backdrop

By |July 25th, 2018|Digital Printing, Products, Projects|1 Comment

Whenever clients ask for a fantastic example of a “digitally printed backdrop,” I love showing them the beautiful and vibrant drape that we custom-built for the eclectic, talented Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy a couple of years ago. In preparation for his upcoming world tour, his team (lead by Production Manager Mani Hammond) wanted a new stage curtain that could be used in a myriad of venue sizes—from large arenas to more intimate theaters. They knew that they wanted a 25’h x 45’w custom-built, digitally printed backdrop, but had some concerns about fabric choice. The designers didn’t want anything too heavy or bulky, but they also didn’t want anything that might be too sheer as they were planning on adding some dramatic theatrical lighting for different sections of the performance. And most importantly, they also needed it to travel well and not become too wrinkled while in transit.

The material that we recommended to them was FR Heavy Knit, which had the right combination of durability and print quality to meet their specific needs. Because this type of backdrop is topically treated after the digital printing is complete, its flame retardancy tests very well at venues while out on the road. This digital substrate is lightweight without being translucent, it has a wonderful matte finish to it, and the wrinkles tend to just “fall right out.” These are all qualities that make it a very popular and tour-friendly choice in digitally printed backdrops, and it worked out impeccably for this tour, too. Check out the video below to see it being made in our shop and then used in concert:

The artwork provided to us by our client was utterly gorgeous, composed of a “watercolor” design in shades of pinks, oranges, yellows, and greens. As you can see (with the eye-catching images from the tour that we collected in our Flickr gallery), this backdrop looked absolutely amazing hanging behind the artist and his band. When we saw pictures and videos from his shows, we were struck by how terrific the backdrop looked in natural lighting. But were even more blown away with how many incredible variations it took on under colorful theatrical lighting from their immensely skillful lighting design team. We loved that our client’s design vision turned into the exact soft goods that they were looking for! Do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives so that we can help your design vision also become a memorable, tangible reality on stage, too. And please check out Vance Joy on his current world tour if you can—it’s a brilliant show that should not be missed.

23 07, 2018

Custom Pleated Curtain Becomes Perfect Projection Backdrop For Tour

By |July 23rd, 2018|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Recently, our Senior Account Manager Shane Nelsen was thrilled to work with the extremely artistic and talented Joel Huxtable, who is the tour manager for Ziggy Marley’s spellbinding international concert tour. He wanted to buy some drapery that would be tour-friendly, and not become a “wrinkled mess” at each new venue. They were also looking for pleated drapery that would look lovely all on its own, but also be reflective enough to allow their lighting designers to project some innovative and gorgeous lighting patterns and colors onto them, cleanly and beautifully.

They decided on a custom-built, tour-friendly single 24’h x 40’w Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) Silver Textura backdrop, with hidden/sewn ties on top and box pleating to add some attractive fullness. This allowed a seamless look onstage, as well as a tidy truss-line, too. Textura is one of the most reflective and eye-catching materials available, and the drape looks utterly breathtaking in mere natural lighting. However, adding and changing the colors of the lights being splashed onto them gave this backdrop incredible versatility… producing absolutely stunning results.

The tour’s lighting designers are able to project colorful lights and gobos onto these drapes to facilitate a change in the overall feel between different segments, song sets, and show pieces—rendering a wonderful design that is much more riveting. This straightforward, yet remarkable, curtain helps the tour’s designers create stunning and distinctive looks for their all of their shows that are genuinely distinctive and completely unique. Changing the lighting scheme with sensational colors patterns and images also helps them create exceptionable motifs for each part of Ziggy’s concerts, and enables them to design dazzling, exclusive looks for this current tour that are truly unforgettable. Photographed superbly by band photographer Jerry Borge, you can see how this style of Silver Textura drapery is a lighting designer’s dream come true—making it the ideal backdrop for all kinds of special event and production designs.

Not ready to purchase your own custom theatrical drapes yet? You can rent some comparable pieces from our Silver Satin Collection, too. Our rental drapery layer effortlessly with one another to help create exclusive and memorable looks for all of your rock and roll tour needs. Because they are so versatile and eclectic, they can become even more magnificent by simply layering them with drapes from ANY of our dynamic drapery collections. Contact one of our drapery specialists today to help you decide on the most perfect stage curtains for your upcoming special event or concert tour. We’re here to help provide you with drapery that can be rental, purchase, or a combination of both for your one-of-a-kind stage.