Every summer we here at RW/SW? Inc. look forward to our company-wide special events and celebrations… especially since they (more often than not) often involve some sort of yummy indulgence or delicious snack (Crispin and Sweetie taught us all well). Recently we were brought a very special treat indeed when owner Megan Duckett arranged to have a fantastic taco truck come to the our company location to spoil us all with an incredibly delectable lunch!

The “Tacos Super Gallitos” truck came to our warehouse and fed the entire staff the most mouthwatering, and truly authentic, Mexican plates that we just cannot get enough of here in Southern California. Burritos, tacos, and quesadillas were over-stuffed with grilled chicken, carne asada, pork, and melted jack cheese. Plus, there were tasty sides of Spanish rice, refried beans, crispy tortilla chips, and every kind of spicy salsa, pico de gallo, and avocado sauce that you can imagine.

Topped off with ice cold drinks, and getting to hang out with our colleagues comfortably under a custom SW canopy, we all relished having this opportunity to unwind a little and enjoy eating this meal with one another. Having our marvelous neighbors from Lowy Enterprises come and join us (and that they also brought huge plates of cupcakes and cookies) was an added pleasure, too. And the fact that this delightful meal happened on a beautiful early-Summer day under a cornflower blue sky just made it all the more perfect.

We really appreciate how Sew What? generously shows its employees how much they value all of their hard work with unexpected and wonderful surprises like this throughout the year. We are extremely proud of the busy and successful spring we’ve already had, and we are eagerly anticipating another fabulously busy summer to come.