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Monthly Archives: June 2018

27 06, 2018

Taco Friday Is A Fabulous Way To End The Week

By |June 27th, 2018|Company, Rent What Team, Sew What Team|1 Comment

Every summer we here at RW/SW? Inc. look forward to our company-wide special events and celebrations… especially since they (more often than not) often involve some sort of yummy indulgence or delicious snack (Crispin and Sweetie taught us all well). Recently we were brought a very special treat indeed when owner Megan Duckett arranged to have a fantastic taco truck come to the our company location to spoil us all with an incredibly delectable lunch!

The “Tacos Super Gallitos” truck came to our warehouse and fed the entire staff the most mouthwatering, and truly authentic, Mexican plates that we just cannot get enough of here in Southern California. Burritos, tacos, and quesadillas were over-stuffed with grilled chicken, carne asada, pork, and melted jack cheese. Plus, there were tasty sides of Spanish rice, refried beans, crispy tortilla chips, and every kind of spicy salsa, pico de gallo, and avocado sauce that you can imagine.

Topped off with ice cold drinks, and getting to hang out with our colleagues comfortably under a custom SW canopy, we all relished having this opportunity to unwind a little and enjoy eating this meal with one another. Having our marvelous neighbors from Lowy Enterprises come and join us (and that they also brought huge plates of cupcakes and cookies) was an added pleasure, too. And the fact that this delightful meal happened on a beautiful early-Summer day under a cornflower blue sky just made it all the more perfect.

We really appreciate how Sew What? generously shows its employees how much they value all of their hard work with unexpected and wonderful surprises like this throughout the year. We are extremely proud of the busy and successful spring we’ve already had, and we are eagerly anticipating another fabulously busy summer to come.

26 06, 2018

Completely Enthrall Your Audiences With Rental Traveler Track And Traveler Stage Drapes

By |June 26th, 2018|Products|1 Comment

One of the most captivating moments of any big performance or concert is when the house lights dim, the stage is lit, and the gorgeous grand stage drapes start to part…..The instant that the stage is revealed and the band, artist, or performers are showcased, that’s when the audience goes really wild! Employing theatrical traveler track is a fantastic way to get this eye-catching effect— easy to operate, and always gives your design dramatic results. Renting beautiful grand stage curtains from Rent What? Inc. is the perfect place to start—we have a variety of sublime traveler drapes to give your event or concert the most decadent look (like our magnificent Crimson Cabaret and exquisite Smoky Pearl Grand Stage Drapes, both from our Timeless and Traditional Drapery Collection). But what about the traveler track…?

It may not always be economical to purchase all the stage curtain track hardware you need, especially when you aren’t sure how often it will be used, nor what the space dimensions will possibly be on future events (for tours in particular). Renting theatrical traveler track is a terrific option for many of our clients who want the excitement of having stage curtain track and traveler track drapery, but perhaps don’t have the permanent venue to showcase it. At Rent What? Inc, we’re proud to feature a full complement of superior-quality American-made curtain tracks by ADC, one of the premier manufacturers of theatrical curtain transport systems and the only brand that has won UL approval. Available from Rent What? Inc. as a rental from the most basic manual walk along system to a more intricate rope pull system (for single pull and bi-parting travelers), ADC tracks assure a moving performance at the highest standards.

Maybe a little nervous about setting up the track on-site at your venue? At Rent What?, we have developed a set of easy instructions available for installing our rental bi-parting and side-parting traveler track. We spent quite a bit of time looking at the various resources available to help with the install process and felt that this was an area where clients might have the most questions. We have tried our new instruction set with a variety of clients and have been told that they are “spot on” for helping cut to the chase in terms of everything from rope threading to the carrier and end pulley placements. They are great because they’re written for the “layperson,” and even include pictures to better demonstrate each step along the way.

The perfect complement to our straightforward, undemanding rental traveler track are stunning grand stage traveler rental draperies from our Specialty Drapery Collections. Contact one of our drapery experts today to have them help you find the exact right look and design for your upcoming stage production or concert tour, using a combination of our rental traveler drapes and theater track that can be shipped directly to any venue in the country for your added ease and convenience.

11 06, 2018

Wide Format Digitally Printed Backdrop Rocks Out At Festival Tour

By |June 11th, 2018|Digital Printing|1 Comment

Here at Sew What? Inc., we love being involved in all kinds of concert tours and festivals, and we are always so excited to help create the most perfect digitally-printed backdrops for our clients imaginable. Our state of the art, large-scale in-house digital printer can create individual custom-printed pieces up to 10ft. wide each–and with our gifted sewing team’s incredible skills, the sky’s the limit with how large you can have your soft goods sewn into. With a variety of substrates to choose from (indoor, outdoor, opaque, translucent, etc.), digital printing enables you to magnify a photo quality image into a stunning theatrical and scenic digital backdrop. This is especially exciting nowadays because any graphics that are designed for printing on paper can now be printed on fabric, too, so we can literally take any idea from your imagination and turn it into a breathtaking reality!

Recently our client Blackbird Productions approached our expert sales rep Marilyn Moss, to help them build a larger-than-life, custom-made digitally printed backdrop for their exciting Outlaw Music Festival Tour headlined by none other than the “Red Headed Stranger,” Willie Nelson. It needed to be lightweight and easy to hang, be tour-friendly going from show to show, and yet still be bright and colorful enough to showcase the festival design with glorious clarity for the entire crowd to see.  They decided on a 20’h x 40’w drape printed on Crystal Poplin, an extremely durable FR fabric that works beautifully with digital ink to really make the colors really POP. Check out this video designed by Tom Underhill to see this one-of-a-kind, gorgeous drape being manufactured right here in our very own LA warehouse:

As you can see, the festival design is extremely bright and clear, and ready for their entire audience to enjoy—for both those that are close-to and far-away from the stage. It’s also great to know that Direct Digital Fabric Printing is extremely cost-effective for both proof and short-run printing, it reduces production time from weeks to just days (which accelerates design and product development when time is of the essence), and most importantly it permits (and encourages!) customization and personalization from your own design vision.

Rent What? is always thrilled when we have the perfect rental specialty drape for your event, concert, or production. But if they don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we would highly recommend having a personally tailored digitally printed backdrop created by the talented individuals at Sew What? instead. Having trouble coming up with an idea for your upcoming show? Let our creative sales representatives help you figure out the ideal digital backdrop for your show, while also giving you the most “bang for your buck.” Need it transported across the country? Not a problem! Our team of innovative shipping coordinators can package it the best, safest way for your drapes—whether that be via a hamper, box, or pallet. Let us help your next tour’s stage design be as memorable as the shows themselves!

4 06, 2018

Kabuki Solenoid System Truly Astounds Spectators At Dance Competition

By |June 4th, 2018|Products, Projects|1 Comment

One of the most popular—and dramatic—special effects that our clients love to use time and time again for their special “reveals” are our rental Kabuki Solenoid Systems. Extremely straightforward to set up and execute, all you have to do is hang your soft goods from our solenoid heads, press a button, and watch the audience go wild when the drapes drop to the floor in a spectacular moment of flair. This is often used to reveal the band or some other wonderful surprise that has been hiding on stage the whole time. Originally these systems were primarily used for bands on stage wanting to add some excitement to an opening number…or be used as an effective way to add some “punch” to a special song. We have been renting these systems out for years in that capacity. However, more and more they are being requested to be used for special events and productions that we never would have imagined!

Our innovative clients at USC Zeher Dance Group recently rented our system for a series of dance performances at competitions that helped them with an important aspect of their truly unique AV program, which wholly captivated their audiences. Utilizing our lightweight, easy-to-install, and highly dependable 6-head Kabu-Key Solenoid System, they used our kabuki kit to drop some of their own soft goods during a powerful and exciting part of the dance troupe’s performance, much to the amazement and delight of the hundreds of people watching at the competition. These kits are affordable to be used at all kinds of shows and special events, and can also be shipped anywhere in the country. They are a surefire way to make a completely unforgettable experience for your audience, as you can see in the video clip below. Our rental solenoid systems can be used with your own draperies, or you can use one of our kabuki-ready rental drapes or custom-built curtains for your unique event. Let our team of theatrical drapery experts help you design an incredible stage design at your upcoming exceptional production, too!