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Monthly Archives: May 2018

7 05, 2018

Showcasing Rental Drapery Collection–Silver Satin

By |May 7th, 2018|Products|1 Comment

Sometimes choosing the right fabric for your stage or event design is just as important as the right style of drapery. Having an incredible stage drape won’t mean as much to your creative team if they are not able to use it towards creating their own unique vision. Having versatility is a fundamental aspect in many stage designs, whether they be for a trade show, church production, concert tour, special event—and everything in between.

Next time you want gorgeous theatrical event drapes that will add dimension and class to your stage’s appearance–yet still be adaptable enough to create a fresh new look for each part of the concert or even–choose rental drapes from our Silver Satin Drapery Collection, which happens to be the next fantastic drapery collection to be showcased! This collection is loaded with fabulously luxurious fabrics that are either inherently or durably flame retardant, and which all reflect lighting wonderfully. Stage designers near and far are appreciating how radiant and eclectic these drapes are, and that they work just as marvelously by themselves as they do blended with other drapes and embellishments.

A popular trend with a lot of stage productions, special events, and concerts this year has been to layer different styles of drapes to create an extremely dynamic and unique quality for their stage construction. The exquisite drapes from our Silver Satin Collection are perfect for mixing and matching with drapes from within its own collection, and as well the drapes from any of our drapery collections. Even though each of our specialty drapery collections contain a variety of drape sizes and styles to choose from–all of which work and play superbly together to create a fully orchestrated scene–these striking curtains in shades of silver, pewter, chrome, and grey lend themselves to one of the most diverse series of large scale theatrical rental drapes that we offer. You can rent as many or as few pieces from each collection as your vision desires, to make a truly captivating display!

Dress up your event with a variety of our Pleated Silver Satin, Cloud Satin, Smoky Pearl, Pewter Textura, and Silver Textura Legs, Swags, Swaggettes, Grand Bi-Parting Travelers, and Austrians to help create a stunning and memorable experience for your audiences, each and every time.  We also offer rental pipe and base drapery in velvety Grey Supervel and luxurious Pewter Encore Velour panels of 5’w and 15’w, for when you need floor-based supported, and yet extremely attractive, drapery that is modular and mobile. Adding a splash of theatrical stage lighting by projecting colorful lights and gobos onto these drapes will facilitate a change in the overall feel between different segments, song sets, and show pieces—making your design that much more riveting.

The more interesting and vibrant the stage is, the more unforgettable it will be for your audience. Let our team of experts help you create an absolute sensation for YOUR upcoming event or concert, too—using rental drapes, custom-built drapes, or a even a combination of both!

2 05, 2018

Our Ingenious Pop-Up! Portable Dressing Room Kits Give You Easy Privacy

By |May 2nd, 2018|Products|2 Comments

One of the most beloved rental products we offer here at Rent What? Inc. is hands down our one-of-a-kind Pop-Up! Portable Dressing Room Kits. Tour Producers, Event Managers, and everyone in between love to use these 7’h x 8’w x 8’d portable dressing rooms for a wide variety of applications. They are made with durable steel frames, have a flat roof/ceiling, and are covered in flame retardant weather-proof Roadura, which is a top performing textile that is road-ready and extremely durable. This substrate is black on the outside and white on the inside (to better refract and reflect the light, respectively). This water resistant self-lined fabric provides complete opacity with an easy wipe finish. The face of Roadura is a semi-slick black with a fine cordura-like finish, while the back side has a matte white coating—making it completely opaque. There is Velcro on the overlapping door to also help enable even more reliable privacy.

The entire kit weighs only around 100 lbs. and is easily transported and stored in a rolling case, which also includes a mirror and clip-on light fixture. These Pop-Ups can be used for all sorts of special events, fashion shows, and concert tours, and its unique flat roof design makes them great for both indoor and outdoor usage. The instructions that come with each unit make them super easy to put together and take apart without the use of any tools, which offers a helpful touch of convenience—especially while out on a remote location.

We’ve discovered that our clients aren’t using our rental Pop-Up! Portable Dressing Rooms just as dressing rooms anymore. These units are extremely versatile and are now being rented for any event where additional privacy is desired in a quick, easy, safe, and portable fashion. Combine more than one together to create an even larger privacy area when you may need a little more secluded space. We have clients renting them as tech rooms for concerts and productions, as quick-change dressing rooms offstage at major concert venues and at small private shows, for a “decompression” area for the band in between song sets, as small projection screening rooms for independent films, and most recently, as Shadowboxes for specialty themed events and parties to add a little “pizzazz” to the event.

Clients of Rent What? Inc. have used these extremely popular rental Shadowbox kits at their parties and special events for years, and have knocked the socks off their guests time and time again. With the addition of a semi-opaque white fabric wall, these affordable, all-inclusive Shadowbox kits set up in a snap and are easy and safe to transport via freight forwarder, Fed Ex, or even the back of your own truck. It’s easy to add some playful animation to any sort of party, special event, or even as a special effect for part of the artist’s performance, too—and is great fun for audiences of all ages. Mix in with some gorgeous and dramatic rental curtains from our versatile Rental Drapery Collections to create a truly one-of-a-kind design to fit in with your party’s own special theme. From naughty to nice, these modified Pop-Up! Dressing Room-turned-Shadowbox Kits will give your audience something spectacular that they have never seen before, and yet will remember long after the event is over! The sky’s the limit with how you can utilize these rental Pop-Up! Portable Dressing Room Kits, and we would love to see what fabulous way your company decides to use them for your own event’s unique set-up.