We love working with artistic, imaginative tour designers by helping them build a distinctive and appealing stage for their band or artist to really shine in front of. Providing grand, “larger-than-life” theatrical stage drapes for these tours is always an exhilarating way to excite their audiences. However, the challenge can sometimes be finding drapery that is versatile enough—yet still sensational—to work in these larger venues as well as smaller, cozier locales like The Troubadour here in Los Angeles, and Rough Trade Records in Brooklyn, NY.

Recently we got to work with the incredibly talented Lighting and Stage Designer for the Leon Bridges Tour, Bobby Mathias, by supplying the tour with some striking rental stage drapes for a few of these intimate types of shows on his current tour. They needed something, in his words, “That would be quick and easy to deploy, but still impactful and classy. These drapes definitely covered all of those bases for us!”  The drapes that Bobby was referring to are the exquisite 23’h x 10’w Black Gold Illusion Pleated Drapes from our Timeless and Traditional Drapery Collection. Drapes made from this fabric look remarkable both in a natural ambiance, as well as colorful theatrical illumination, as they bounce off lighting like an absolute dream!

You can see in these beautiful photos how Bobby worked with the artist’s creative Tour Manager Trey Allen to give each venue its own completely unique feel, by simply adding some brilliant colors to the stage’s lighting designs. These drapes’ metallic appearance helped produce a mix of both edginess and silkiness to the shows’ overall motif, which gave these shows a truly one-of-a-kind and memorable look. And because these drapes come in 10’w “legs,” the designers were able to use as many, or as few, as they needed to best fit each venue’s own specific sized stages.