Sometimes you might want to design a beautifully starry sky effect for your special event, entirely in the comfort of your secure, indoor venue. For that we would recommend using one of our alluringly beautiful and captivatingly dramatic rental Classic Stardrop LED draperies. However, sometimes you might want to create an almost SOLAR SYSTEM worth of starry skies for your big event, and in that case you could use MANY of them! That was exactly the case when recently one of our incredibly innovative clients, Starway Productions, desired to frame the entire wall of the Ontario Convention Center with our gorgeous Classic Stardrop LED drapes. And we were beyond thrilled to help them do so!

With a gorgeous set designed by Production Designer Shane Pritchard and planned and installed by Technical Director Austin Hill, Starway used fourteen of our 30’h x 15’w Classic Stardrop LEDs in order to completely cover the entire length of the convention center’s impressive main hall. This enabled them to craft a truly extraordinary event design for the “2018 Ontario State of the City” event in March. These rich and velvety DFR Black Encore Velour drapes with bluish/white LED lights sparkling and twinkling throughout them helped produce the perfect look for this event’s overall “futuristic” theme design of “Leading The Way.”

These drapes worked as the ideal backdrop at this exceptional event for all of Starway’s mesmerizing colorful lighting and gobos, a fantastically cool stage layout, engaging video and photos projecting onto large movie screens, and eye-catching truss structures throughout the arena. These drapes can tie directly to one another, allowing them to seamlessly be joined together to construct a magnificent continuous star field–no matter the width. And because these drapes have the innovative quality of being able to hang horizontally or vertically, they are outstanding at fitting the unique dimensions of most stages by rotating to hang at either 15’h or 30’h.

When you are wishing to create a spectacular “starry sky” effect for your meeting, trade show, production, or concert tour, let our fabulous rental Classic Stardrop LED drapes to give you this astonishing appearance time and time again. Also available in Chameleon RGB color-changing drapes, as well as low-tech White Voile pleated drapes, our rental collection has something for almost every kind of stage décor you are envisioning. We can also build you a custom-designed LED drape for purchase when you have an exclusive design that you aspire to fashion. Reach out to our team of drapery experts so that we can help you figure out the best way to create this spellbinding look for your own special event, too.