Stage designers are always looking for the “next big thing” in staging elements that will help their design undeniably stand out from the rest. Sensational, textured curtains from our Industrial Textures Rental Drapery Collection are becoming the “go-to” collection for edgy, fresh, and innovative stage designs of all kinds, ready to hang–right out of the hamper. Camo Netting, Metallic Mesh, and Textura panels are a fantastic and easy way to add some exciting drama to your event’s motif.

Looking for something that will give your stage some dimension, and can layer on top of drapes from any of our rental drapery collections like an absolute pro? Check out our Camo Netting Leg Kit—in versatile 8’w legs from 11’h to 25’h, these independent legs can be hung next to one another to create a very cool proscenium for any kind of stage. Or you can hang them with either layered on top of one another or with extra space in between each panel, to give your venue some very unique depth of field illusions. Lightweight and easy to hang, these drapes are an excellent stage embellishment to add to any in-house drapery as well, allowing each and every venue to genuinely have a one-of-a-kind look.

We also offer a spellbounding 23’h x 40’w Black Camo Chaos backdrop—swoops and swags of camo netting, all on top of an IFR Black Poly Muslin base. This drape is perfect when you are going for a multi-dimensional, layered look, all created with a single curtain. Uncomplicated and undemanding, this single piece drape hangs with grommet and ties onto truss or batton. This drape will make it look like you’ve spent a ton of time on your stage design, when you can now spend all that time you’ve saved by working on a brilliant lighting scheme for this backdrop instead. Your secret will be safe with us….!

Want your clients to feel like they are rock stars at their next special event? Everyone from churches to trade shows to conventions to—naturally, rock tours—are all enjoying the versatility and excitement that Metal Mesh Drapery adds to their stage design. In legs and backdrops ranging from 23’h to 28’w, you can use these with all kinds of venues, and add a 5’h border to truly electrify your event’s motif. Easy to transport in one of our RW-provided hampers (at no additional rental cost to you), these drapes travel exceedingly well because the “scrunchier” they get in transit, the better! And these drapes take lighting so incredibly well,  you can create practically ANY type of feel that you are aiming for.

Another incredibly eclectic option you can choose from this rental collection are the stunning Textura Drapes that we have available in shimmery shades of Silver and Pewter. These extraordinarily gorgeous drapes come in pre-pleated legs with grommets and ties on top at 23’h or 30’h x 10’w, adding elegance and flair to all kinds of event design themes. We also offer innovative and superbly lightweight 12’h x 10’4” non-operable Austrian Zip-Walls with hidden ties on top, which enable you to tie them to both a truss system or even pipe and base hardware, and helps make them very easy to install. These remarkable drapes can either zip together to create a stunning seamless backdrop, or used as independent legs to add texture and depth to existing staging. This textured fabric is opaque but still amazingly lightweight and plays with your theatrical lighting superbly.

One of the most extraordinary aspects of this rental drapery collection is how effortlessly these drapes all mix and match with one another, AND with drapes in our other specialty rental drapery collections, thereby creating hypnotizing and exclusive stage designs for all kinds of special events. Contact one of our drapery advisors today so that we can help you construct a magnificent and one-of-a-kind stage for your show or production, too.