If you’re looking for something delicate and charming, yet dramatic, check out our gorgeous mix of white rental draperies in our Delightably White Rental Drapery Collection–which just so happens to be the next of our drapery collections to be showcased! These drapes are a lighting designer’s dream come true– add some theatrical lighting to these drapes and…POW! You now have the most striking and unique stage design imaginable, and you won’t have to worry about changing out entire backdrops in between each song, performance, or act. You can create a new and exciting atmosphere easily and effectively by splashing some theatrical lighting onto them, and watch your event’s entire style transform right before your eyes.

Everything from sheer White Voile, to creamy Ivory Satin, to luxurious White Super-Vel will be sure to give your design a truly charming feel. These exquisite curtains will help keep each and every aspect of your concert or special occasion looking fresh and distinctive. Use one as a grand stage component with a larger-than-life Austrian, or add some pre-pleated drapery legs in as a neutral backdrop for special lighting effects and other unique décor elements. Mixing and matching drapes from this collection, and with any of the gorgeous drapes from our other rental drapery collections, can really help create a truly exclusive look for your event’s overall motif.

Whether on its own or with embedded static LED lights, drapery imbued in shades of white and ivory lend a soft, ethereal note to any set design or décor.  Easy-to-install and incredibly eclectic, these curtains are durable and ready to ship directly to your venue. This versatile collection of theatrical draperies come in sizes ranging from 12’h to 30’w for breathtaking backdrops and legs, and 5’h to 11’h in beautiful borders and swags. With our huge inventory of white draping available for rent (including pipe and drape panels ranging from 5’h to 12’h), these pieces are also a fantastic option to help you cover existing wall decorations, or “mask” areas that want to be transformed into your special event’s fashionable presentation. These theatrical stage curtains hang up easily, light up like a dream, and can help give any stage or venue a clean and modern look.
Our Delightably White Rental Drapes are able to ship directly to your venue, and can fit within any large or small budget alike. Don’t see the precise size or style that you are looking for…? We can also custom build the exact drapes that you are envisioning. Contact us today so we can help you build the spectacular stage design of your dreams!