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24 04, 2018

Eye-Catching White Super-Vel Drapery Adds Elegance To Special Event’s Design

By |April 24th, 2018|Products, Projects|1 Comment

We absolutely love it when we can offer the precise enchanting and exquisite rental draperies to our clients for their own specific and unique design visions. Letting us relieve some of the stress for stage designers and event producers is what we work so hard for! Recently we were thrilled to work with Katia Peña and the innovative team at RMD Group by providing them with some absolutely stunning rental draperies for an incredibly prestigious event in Seattle.

Photo Courtesy of Robert Thompson, RMD Group

Working with creative designer Robert Thompson (also at RMD Group), Katia needed some beautiful and elegant white curtains to be used for an important booth design for their Taste Washington Lexus™ Booth. These drapes were vital in helping amplify the clean, polished look that Lexus™ wanted to epitomize at this high-profile event. And they wanted these drapes to also create a wall between their booth and the arena behind them, but without darkening the area at all. They ended up choosing some of our lovely lightweight and inherently flame resistant (IFR) White Supervel Pre-Pleated Drapery Legs from our gorgeous Delightably White Drapery Collection. You can see by the superb photo taken by Robert that these theatrical draperies looked absolutely perfect for this booth’s overall motif!

Call or email us today, and let our team of drapery experts also assist you with choosing the perfect rental drapes from one of our many rental specialty drapery collections, so that you can instead focus your time and energy on all of the other details for the rest of your special event.

23 04, 2018

Winter Wonderland – Sew Whatters show their style in some SW? Swag!

By |April 23rd, 2018|Company, Rent What Team, Sew What Team|1 Comment

Over the years, we have had so many fun and unique T-Shirt designs. From tongue in cheek catch phrases to blinged out wings, we all have a mighty fine collection of SW? swag.  Each design has had a unique twist – as different staff have stepped in to design the theme and in many cases craft the design too.  Not only can our team create amazing drapes and backdrops, but they have rock’n fashion style too!

So, when the weather took a cold turn recently, we decided that some fun SW beanies were just what the doctor ordered! Perfect antidote for the chill, and we can’t help but smile when we all bop around in our logo beannies together.

Kim Curran, our Chief Purchasing Agent, and Andrea Fraser of our Customer Care Department look adorable rocking their branded beannies ?

For those of you who visit our facility – these were a custom short run…… and there are just a few left.  Ask for yours at the shipping and receiving office before they are all gone.

17 04, 2018

Shimmery Silver Satin Drapes Set Grand Stage

By |April 17th, 2018|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Sometimes you need to set a beautiful stage, create a spectacular proscenium, and leave the audience breathless with your design—all with the same theatrical drapery. Have no fear….it CAN be done! Recently we got to work with the extremely talented scenic designer Russell Langdon and his artistic team over at Fuse Technical Group for a very high-profile event that they produced at the lavish Rosemont Theater. They wanted some gorgeous rental draperies as tall as we could get for them, to be shipped from our warehouse in LA directly to the theater in Rosemont, Illinois—not a problem!

Knowing they needed to hang a projection screen across the middle of the stage, they still wanted to display some exquisite curtains that would help frame the proscenium, but without covering any of the screen at all. Russell smartly ended up choosing some of our extraordinary 40’h x 10’w Silver Satin Shirred Drapery Legs from our Silver Satin Rental Drapery Collection to hang behind and next to the screen instead. Needing to cleanly and evenly pull the drapery to the sides, giving the soft goods a “tableau curtain” effect, he used our Silver Tassle Tiebacks to help complete this look.

There were different parts of the program that they also wanted to make a clear distinction for, and these Silver Satin beauties reflected and brandished colorful theatrical lighting like an absolute dream! Their Lighting Designer Brad Criswell skillfully splashed different schemes of lighting onto the drapes at various parts of the program, which gave their stage a new and exceptional look each and every time. You can see in these photos taken by Russell that by simply changing the color from gold to blue hues, it completely changed the overall feel of the motif. We were beyond impressed with how fabulous Fuse did with this event’s flawless arrangement, and look forward to seeing what innovative and striking design that they come up with next. Let our team of drapery experts help you find the perfect stage curtains for your next upcoming special event, too!

10 04, 2018

Showcasing Our Rental Drapery Collection–Industrial Textures

By |April 10th, 2018|Products|1 Comment

Stage designers are always looking for the “next big thing” in staging elements that will help their design undeniably stand out from the rest. Sensational, textured curtains from our Industrial Textures Rental Drapery Collection are becoming the “go-to” collection for edgy, fresh, and innovative stage designs of all kinds, ready to hang–right out of the hamper. Camo Netting, Metallic Mesh, and Textura panels are a fantastic and easy way to add some exciting drama to your event’s motif.

Looking for something that will give your stage some dimension, and can layer on top of drapes from any of our rental drapery collections like an absolute pro? Check out our Camo Netting Leg Kit—in versatile 8’w legs from 11’h to 25’h, these independent legs can be hung next to one another to create a very cool proscenium for any kind of stage. Or you can hang them with either layered on top of one another or with extra space in between each panel, to give your venue some very unique depth of field illusions. Lightweight and easy to hang, these drapes are an excellent stage embellishment to add to any in-house drapery as well, allowing each and every venue to genuinely have a one-of-a-kind look.

We also offer a spellbounding 23’h x 40’w Black Camo Chaos backdrop—swoops and swags of camo netting, all on top of an IFR Black Poly Muslin base. This drape is perfect when you are going for a multi-dimensional, layered look, all created with a single curtain. Uncomplicated and undemanding, this single piece drape hangs with grommet and ties onto truss or batton. This drape will make it look like you’ve spent a ton of time on your stage design, when you can now spend all that time you’ve saved by working on a brilliant lighting scheme for this backdrop instead. Your secret will be safe with us….!

Want your clients to feel like they are rock stars at their next special event? Everyone from churches to trade shows to conventions to—naturally, rock tours—are all enjoying the versatility and excitement that Metal Mesh Drapery adds to their stage design. In legs and backdrops ranging from 23’h to 28’w, you can use these with all kinds of venues, and add a 5’h border to truly electrify your event’s motif. Easy to transport in one of our RW-provided hampers (at no additional rental cost to you), these drapes travel exceedingly well because the “scrunchier” they get in transit, the better