Perhaps you already have your stage curtains set, but wanted to add a few accent pieces to give it a real “wow” factor….look no further than our seductive and silky fabric Gothic Chandeliers. As part of its “Oh So Swanky” collection*, Rent What? Inc. offers dynamic theatrical design “accessories” like these to give your stage depth and glamour, which will help make your show completely mesmerizing!

What’s truly magical about our rental Gothic Fabric Chandeliers is that they are made with hundreds of individually hand-cut “silky shards” of IFR Poly Silk fabric, so they can take on theatrical lighting from ANY angle, including internally– thanks to a 3 1/2” inner-diameter aluminum support-ring. Their industrial construction with IFR materials makes them road worthy and Fire Marshal friendly, which is a fantastic element for tours. These set pieces will give an enchanting and mystical touch to any venue, any event, and any stage design that you can think of.

Breathtaking with or without added theatrical lighting, they look absolutely stunning on any kind of stage. They are not only striking to look at, but they are also incredibly diverse for lighting and stage designers to work with. These textured, gorgeous “stage bijoux” will enhance a variety of events and productions—hang them in front of drapes in our Delightably White rental collection for a sweet and charming look, or mix them with metal mesh drapes in our Industrial Textures collection and have a much more mysterious, captivating effect.

They also lend themselves to endless customization possibilities—Our RW? Gothic Chandeliers are a fantastic way to reinforce a production’s overall mood, and bring a new dimension to the stage design that can be easily customized for different parts of the show or tour. By simply splashing various lighting schemes onto them, adding some sparkly, colored or clear jeweled strings, or draping some lightweight strands of colorful strips of fabric upon them, you can completely change their entire look and feel for your audience. The possibilities are truly endless!