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27 03, 2018

Showcasing our Rental Drapery Collections–Oh’ So Swanky

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With summer tours, productions, and other special events coming up into full swing, there is no better time than now to start really exploring the fabulous and versatile drapery design elements in our Oh’ So Swanky Rental Drapery Collection, the next collection to be showcased from our rental drapery series. Lightweight and easy to transport, these soft goods and stage “bijoux” will add excitement to any production motif. These pieces offer a great opportunity to try out a different style without committing to just one look, so that your stage and lighting designers can play around with your own unique stage designs from show to show throughout the tour or production.

Want to inject some extra sparkle and shine to the event’s atmosphere? You can never go wrong with our lightweight and versatile Mylar Rain Curtains – a shimmery and glittery backdrop for any production. Try out these light-as-air drapes to give your staging some shimmery dimension. Mylar Rain Curtains are extremely lightweight and durable, making them a breeze to hang and tour with. And even more impressive is that they can be lit up in a multitude of ways, to help produce the exact mood and tone that you are going for with each scene, making these a lighting designer’s fantasy. They can provide a wonderful splash of sparkle behind some fantastically fast dance moves on stage, and generate even more enthusiasm for a band or artist’s big number, too.
Interested perhaps in a more asymmetric and “avant-garde” look? Check out our Silver and Black Chrome Illusion Ribbon Drape Kit. Beautiful in its natural state when lit with white lights, you can also completely change your design’s vibe by simply splashing some colorful theatrical lighting to them. Layer these in front of a Classic Stardrop LED drape to help deliver a really cool impact for the audience. Or try attaching up to 142 Silver Vinyl Triangles and Clear Plastic Drops to the bottoms of each individual ribbon, as these different styles of “baubles” will also help give your stage a completely one-of-a-kind appearance.

Perhaps you already have your stage curtains set, but want to add some adornments to give it a real “wow” factor….why not check out our seductive and silky fabric Gothic Chandeliers. Recently showcased on our blog, you can clearly see what an ethereal and mystical effect that these gorgeous accent pieces–with hundreds of individually hand-cut “shards” of silky fabric–can give to any sort of stage design.

Nothing excites the audience faster than a stage adorned with shimmery and nuanced décor that has movement all on its own. Our Reflective Mobile Gold-Silver Disks and Gold Mirror Squares Kits are distinctive and dazzling options for our clients. Ranging in height from 15’h to 26’w, these sets of gold and silver reflective disks and squares are attached together on clear strings, and hang from a webbed header with grommets and ties, making it exceedingly easy to attach to any truss or rig. These Modular Reflective Mirrors and Squares Kits offer extreme flexibility with individual strings suspending reflective double-sided reflective pieces. These can all be hung together for a clustered façade, or hung upstage and downstage in a more random, layered arrangement. They are completely versatile and appear absolutely spectacular in natural lighting, or they can reflect any color scheme you light it with to help brighten up any special event or concert design. Because these reflective mirror squares and disks will go with any color palette, they are a simple and effective way to fashion some real drama into your show.

All of the theatrical stage pieces in our Oh’ So Swanky Drapery Collection are a lighting designer’s dream come true. Mix and match from the various rental drapery collections or with custom built soft goods as you please, and you and your audience will not be disappointed with the end result! Contact a representative today so we can help find the perfect combination of draperies for your next special event–right out of the hamper!

20 03, 2018

Custom Sewing Gives Your Stage A Truly Exclusive Look

By |March 20th, 2018|Products|1 Comment

Being free to design as creatively as you want is one of the best ways to showcase your individuality, especially when you are fashioning a fabulous special event  or stage design. Here at Sew What? Inc., we LOVE that our clients are extremely imaginative and allow us to be a part of their artistic process! A fantastic way to construct something truly one-of-a-kind for your production, concert tour, or trade show is to have us custom-build a mixed media piece that comes directly from your own original vision.

This custom screen surround for the Platinum Tour of Grammy winning recording star Miranda Lambert featured Black 22oz Encore and Silver Drizzle

We enjoy nothing more than when our warehouse is busily working on custom sewing pieces to give our clients something that they can profile on their stages that had never been seen before. It is often painstaking work– lots of fine details, exact measurements, precise stitching, and of course, it all needs to look fantastic too—but we relish the challenge!

Singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow performs in front of a custom mixed media backdrop made of various pieces of fabrics in various textures and colors

Mixing different fabrics, colors, substrates, and styles helps create a design that gives the stage design texture, depth, and excitement. Layering metal mesh on top of muslin, a digitally printed featuring cutouts with Sharkstooth Scrim behind, using UV paint to really help your backdrop “glow,” digitally printing an artist’s logo larger than life, or even bedazzling a digitally printed satin drape with loads of beading and sparkly applique, can all help give your custom drapes a rare and extraordinary look.


For the Las Vegas residency of Mariah Carey, a variety of elements, from flowers to fabric to vinyl butterflies, combined to set a magical scene

We’ve seen just how incredibly successful our mixed media pieces have turned out for the stage designs for many of our clients, and it’s always thrilling when we get to continue to do what we love—innovate this industry with exclusive custom-built products so that our clients can astound their audiences time and time again.

Digitally printed Heavy Knit, Black Encore Velour, Sharkstooth Scrim, Pewter Textura, and more combined to give amazing dimension to this backdrop for Passenger
19 03, 2018

Showcasing Our Rental Drapery Collections–Rockin’ Red

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With the holidays firmly now in our rearview mirror, it’s exciting to finally begin preparing for the incredible concert tours and productions that are starting to percolate over these next few months. With so many gorgeous stage drapes to choose from in our eclectic rental inventory, it may seem a bit overwhelming to start the process of creating a fresh and original design for your summer stages. Let us help remove that stress from your plate, and help you select the most amazing combination of stage curtains for your upcoming special events.

For the next few weeks, we’re going to showcase each of our versatile and stunning Rental Drapery Collections for you to have a thorough introduction to all of our various colors, styles, fabrics, and substrates available for you to rent today, in order to build your own one-of-a-kind stage tonight! The first set of rental drapery that we would like to exemplify are the sometimes velvety, sometimes shimmery, and the always beautiful red and burgundy theatrical stage drapes from our Rockin’ Red Drapery Collection. Not just for holiday-themed installations, these drapes come in many different styles and finishes to give you the most wonderful look and feel for numerous kinds of events– ranging from graduations, school productions, rock tours, video shoots, and trade shows– all wanting to add a little drama and excitement to their special occasion’s overall motif.