I wanted to take a few moments to remark on how interesting and exciting it is to have my office out in the middle of the SW warehouse. When I leave the wonderfully comfortable “little cocoon” of my individual office, I never know what sights are going to greet me as I enter the main warehouse area—arguably the heart of the company!

Today was no exception—as I took my first few steps, I was immediately enthralled by the hustle and bustle of my colleagues, and with seeing the eye-catching and eclectic projects that they were working on simultaneously. Everything from soon-to-be completed gorgeous drapes being sewn in shades of black and burgundy, to natural muslin drapes having the perfect finishing sewing touches being done to them, to stunning pleated red Super-Vel specialty rental drapes hanging nearby on the truss.

Seeing smaller-scale custom-printed digital banners hanging in all their glory next to larger-scale, magnificently detailed digitally printed backdrops, it really showcased our company’s diverse capabilities to help create one-of-a-kind pieces for our incredibly creative event and tour designers.

And with a built-to-order Chameleon LED (RGB) drape painstakingly being wired and arranged right in the middle of everything, I was so impressed with the exceptionally hard work that I knew they were putting into every single detail of that drape–ensuring that it would sparkle and twinkle flawlessly at our client’s upcoming special event.

I was delighted to realize that several departments were represented on the warehouse floor, all working tirelessly collectively to get the jobs done right. There were seamstresses, one of our sewing managers, our warehouse technical manager, our logistics manager, our QC techs, and even some of our inspections team working together to help create the most spectacular, and highest quality, custom-built soft goods imaginable. I love it when I see so many of my co-workers working seamlessly together (pardon the pun!) to get these jobs done right—which is the true definition of a family…..“A Whatter’s Family!”