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22 02, 2018

Classic Stardrop LED Drapes Create Beautiful Starry Sky For Church Production

By |February 22nd, 2018|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Who doesn’t like a sparkly night sky to add that distinctive ambiance to your special event, concert, or production?  With tiny bluish-white LED lights embedded in a rich, black velvety IFR Encore Velour background, our rental Classic Stardrop LED Curtains set the scene of a lovely, crisp night sky for your audience to enjoy while comfortably sitting indoors. Recently we got to work with artistic producer Kevin Marks and his creative team at The Highway Community Church in Mountain View, California, on their spectacular Christmas holiday production, “Stations Of Advent.” They wanted to create a gorgeous sparkly night sky behind their manger scene and along the entire wall of the church, so by hanging together four of our 30’h x 15’w rental LED drapes, they were able to seamlessly join them together to create a continuous star field. Because these Classic Stardrop LED drapes can “rotate” at 15’ x 30’ or 7’ x 30’, they have the unique quality of being able to be hung horizontally or vertically to better suit your stage’s own unique dimensions.

These are some of the most incredibly beautiful drapes, with the LEDs placed within the drape in the random formation of stunning star fields. Our Stardrop LED drapes are the ideal backdrops for productions that have numerous lighting elements for various types of scenes. These drapes offer not only a delightful “starry sky” effect, but the rich black velour material also offers a great “void” for some scenes that need to stay nice and dark. They are extremely popular for everything from a concert backdrop to a production embellishment, giving each stage extraordinary radiance.

Quick to install and extremely easy to operate, this drape’s stand-alone controller can be set-up to work manually for a more plug and play operation, allowing the user to control the drape from Front of House (FOH) off-stage. The technician also has the option of controlling the light intensity, chase speed, and much more via a DMX connection to a lighting board at Back of House (BOH), making these easy-to-use draperies a lighting technician’s dream come true. Easily programmable to have the lights either remain completely static or twinkle at any speed desired, these drapes turn a simple black backdrop into a realistic starlit night sky. The Highway Community’s Lighting Director Brian Tucker did a remarkable job with the stage lighting of this special church production—splashing dramatic colorful lighting and striking gobo illuminations to the design elements all around the stage, and utilizing the Classic Stardrop drapes perfectly within the entire production.

These durable drapes are road-ready and can be shipped anywhere in the country via Fed Ex/UPS, or via a freight forwarder for those who would prefer to use one of our drapery hampers. Just like with innovative folks at The Highway Community, let us also help you to create a breathtaking starry sky effect at your next special event or stage production with our rental Classic Stardrop LED drapes today!

21 02, 2018

Digitally Printed Backdrop Stuns Audience At Church Production

By |February 21st, 2018|Digital Printing, Fabrics, Products|1 Comment

Recently I came across this awe-inspiring custom digital stage backdrop made from FR Vinyl Mesh, which was a multi-part piece printed and sewn by Sew What? Inc. for our client Triple Horse Studios. They wanted to have something truly remarkable custom-built for a large church production they were designing across the country, yet also it needed to be memorable, beautiful, AND functional.  Having this directly printed digital backdrop made into 5 separate pieces (consisting of drapes 42 feet high by: 35 feet wide, 20 feet wide, and 9 feet wide) allowed maximum flexibility for performer entrances and exits as well as the potential to move to a smaller (or larger) stage in the future. The angular “mosaic” style segments lent themselves stylistically to this instantly recognizable piece of art. FR Vinyl Mesh is an excellent candidate for printing – often overlooked for indoor use. The color saturation and output on this heavily coated vinyl mesh surface is extremely vibrant—fantastic for both smaller OR larger sized stages.

This custom theatrical backdrop made of Vinyl Mesh is great for when air circulation is of concern. This makes it an outstanding choice for indoor and outdoor events that may have sound and music elements. It is also tested and approved as Flame Retardant (FR) so you are not limited to only using it outdoors, which means it can safely be used for events and productions held in all types of venues. This specific backdrop was also “hot-wedge” welded, giving an almost “seamless” look to its vertical seams. Top-finished with webbing, grommets, and ties made it very easy to attach to the church’s in-house truss system in a manner of minutes.

Our state of the art, grand format in-house digital printer can create individual custom-printed pieces, seamless up to 10ft, and with our gifted sewing team’s skills at image matching and seaming, the sky’s the limit with how large you can have your soft goods sewn into! Here is another example of what this incredibly versatile Vinyl Mesh looks like up close through a colorful sample design:

As you can see, the images are extremely bright and clear, which will nicely showcase your intended photo or graphic stunningly for your entire audience to enjoy—for both those that are close-to and far-away from the stage. I would highly recommend having a personally tailored digitally printed backdrop created by the talented individuals at Sew What? instead– because they can literally take any idea from your imagination and turn it into a breathtaking reality.

14 02, 2018

Whatter’s Family Comes Together To Get The Job Done Right!

By |February 14th, 2018|Company, News, Rent What Team, Sew What Team|0 Comments

I wanted to take a few moments to remark on how interesting and exciting it is to have my office out in the middle of the SW warehouse. When I leave the wonderfully comfortable “little cocoon” of my individual office, I never know what sights are going to greet me as I enter the main warehouse area—arguably the heart of the company!

Today was no exception—as I took my first few steps, I was immediately enthralled by the hustle and bustle of my colleagues, and with seeing the eye-catching and eclectic projects that they were working on simultaneously. Everything from soon-to-be completed gorgeous drapes being sewn in shades of black and burgundy, to natural muslin drapes having the perfect finishing sewing touches being done to them, to stunning pleated red Super-Vel specialty rental drapes hanging nearby on the truss.

Seeing smaller-scale custom-printed digital banners hanging in all their glory next to larger-scale, magnificently detailed digitally printed backdrops, it really showcased our company’s diverse capabilities to help create one-of-a-kind pieces for our incredibly creative event and tour designers.

And with a built-to-order Chameleon LED (RGB) drape painstakingly being wired and arranged right in the middle of everything, I was so impressed with the exceptionally hard work that I knew they were putting into every single detail of that drape–ensuring that it would sparkle and twinkle flawlessly at our client’s upcoming special event.

I was delighted to realize that several departments were represented on the warehouse floor, all working tirelessly collectively to get the jobs done right. There were seamstresses, one of our sewing managers, our warehouse technical manager, our logistics manager, our QC techs, and even some of our inspections team working together to help create the most spectacular, and highest quality, custom-built soft goods imaginable. I love it when I see so many of my co-workers working seamlessly together (pardon the pun!) to get these jobs done right—which is the true definition of a family…..“A Whatter’s Family!”