We truly enjoy hearing back from our incredibly artistic clients after the event is over, hearing about how successful their production turned out! We also love getting to share in the success and fun that they had at their spirited holiday parties, concerts, and all kinds of other special events while using our beautiful rental curtains from our Specialty Drapery Collections. Recently we heard back from Tanner Laughlin Productions, who dazzled the town with their annual Christmas concert in Paris, Illinois, called “Tanner Laughlin’s Home for the Holidays Christmas Concert.” Led by the imaginative event producer Tanner Laughlin, they put on this joy-filled holiday performance to help raise funds for the very important Tanner Laughlin Performing Arts Fund Scholarship Program, as well as for the vital Paris Community Theater Programs.

They wanted to create a gorgeous “Starry Night Sky” on their beautiful holiday-themed stage, and we knew that one of our Classic Stardrop LED Drapes would be outstanding for this iconic holiday look. The twinkly, sparkly LED lights are affixed on a bed of velvety black encore velour, giving this drape the perfect cool, crisp starry sky feel for their Christmas stage. With an accompanying DMX cable and on-drape independent controller, these stunning drapes can be operated both on stage or at your light board– making them a staging and lighting designer’s dream come true. These theatrical drapes are especially versatile because you can rotate them to so that either side can be the height or width. And available in both 30’ x 7’ and 30’ x 15’ sizes, we are sure to find a drape that will fit your design’s dimensions impeccably, too.

We were so pleased to be a part of this remarkable annual event, and the audience was also absolutely blown away with how spectacular everything looked! Let our team of representatives help you get the most perfect stage drapes for your upcoming special events.