This past December, we were so pleased to get to work with Marta Hamilton and the artistic team at En Pointe Ballet Academy in Noblesville, Indiana. Founded by Robert Moore and Pollyana Ribeiro, the school’s inspiring philosophy is to “Focus on improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination all accomplished in a fun, nurturing, and energetic way.” To help showcase all of the hard work their students had been putting into their dance classes, they produced a special holiday dance performance that ended up needing some beautiful rental stage draperies. However, they also wanted these stage drapes to be versatile enough to work within the various themes of their production. Marta did an amazing job on the lighting for this show, working seamlessly with the stage designer Robert on his overall stage design vision.  Called “An En Pointe Christmas,” this eclectic program was presented at the local Noblesville High School Performing Arts Center, and consisted of two main dance sections.

The first half of the production featured classical music and classical ballet which wanted a more “traditional” look to the stage design. They ended up choosing some of our elegant Ivory Satin Drapery Legs for the side panels, and some of our stylish White Supervel Drapery Legs for the back center showpiece, both from our Delightably White Drapery Collection. These theatrical stage curtains hang up easily, light up like a dream, and helped give the stage a clean and modern look for this important section of the performance.

For the second half of this special event, they featured pop and jazz music with a mixture of ballet, hip-hop, and jazz dance. This part of the recital wanted its stage design to be a little more colorful and holiday-themed. So they decided to add some of our striking Red Supervel Drapery Legs and corresponding Red Super-Vel Borders, both from our Rockin’ Red Drapery Collection.

By embellishing the stage design with some of their own custom decorative pieces (they cut some foam circles and covered them with white fabric and affixed them to the side stage drapery legs), they were able to give it more of a “snowball/Christmas” feel. And also the large dots match their school’s own ‘dot’ branding too, which was a bonus! Photographed superbly by Bill Collinson, you can see what a fantastic job they did with this special performance’s unique and charming stage design. Let our team of drapery experts help you create a stunning, one-of-a-kind stage for your special productions, too!