We love seeing our drapes being used at their special events, and nothing pleases us more than when we come across an article or imagery showcasing some of our rental or purchased soft goods online looking truly spectacular. Case in point—Recently we worked with Cate Carter and the creative team of production designers at Bryte Design in the UK, who were designing a stage for the band Elbow who were having a tour over here on the US mainland. They needed a backdrop for the band’s stage that would be versatile, easy to hang, light easily, travels well, and of course give a completely iconic appearance to the stage that would be memorable for the audience long after the last song was sung.

The textures of our Black Chaos Drape pop under colored lighting

They decided on using our 23’h x 40’w Black Camo Chaos drape from our Industrial Textures Collection, and it was absolutely perfect for this band’s ultra-cool vibe. This one-of-a-kind specialty drape consists of layers of swagged, rugged camo netting over IFR black poly muslin fabric. This combination gives the drape a very mystical, dramatic quality to it that can help set the stage for any special function you can imagine. Theatrical lighting and effects beautifully orchestrated by Franki McDade Lighting, the tour’s designers made a huge impact on the audiences with this incredibly unique backdrop time and time again for the tour. Check out some gorgeous photos by Michelle Shiers and a fantastic article about the band at one of their US shows (at the world-famous Wiltern right here in Los Angeles) here, displaying this alluring backdrop in all of its glory.