Sometimes you may need to set a smaller stage for your special event, but you still want it to look lovely and memorable—and we are very happy to help out with that. However, sometimes you also may need to set an extremely large stage, too—and you better believe we love helping out with that, also! Last November we were thrilled to work with Deb and Michael Roccoforte, and the amazing team at Forte Productions, with designing a spectacular 120’w stage for this very special event— the incredibly inspiring 2017 Indiana Conference For Women.

We have been working with the creative folks at Forte for years, and are completely impressed with how they use drapes from our various rental drapery collections to help set their different styles of stages and productions. For this important event, they decided to complete the conference’s look with a mix of our rental theatrical curtains, all from our Silver Satin Collection.

Starting with a row of complimentary 30’h Silver Satin, Silver Textura, and Pewter Textura drapery legs, they embellished this grand stage with larger-than-life 16’h-22’h Crushed Silver Satin Swags. This helped fashion a clean, timeless appearance along the entire wall of the ballroom, but also create a more intimate feel for the stage itself and for its remarkable list of speakers and panelists.

Working with Bartha Audio Visual on all of the av aspects of this event, you can see with these photos the breathtaking design they were able to craft for this very special occasion. By using a gorgeous mix of our rental draperies, they were able to have their own unique vision become a stunning reality. These curtains light up like a dream, reflecting the colorful light splashed onto it with dazzling ease. With the simple change of some theatrical stage lighting, they were able to give the atmosphere of the conference a new, fresh look for each different element being introduced to the wholly enthralled crowd.