This is an exhilarating and exciting time of year for a lot of our clients— holiday trade shows, plays, concert tours, and parties all add merriment and joy to audiences all over the world. Some of our most enthusiastic and creative customers this time of year are church groups throughout the country, creating incredible productions that dazzle their parishioners far and wide.

Recently, imaginative and talented production designer Chase Hall with Passion City Church, came to us looking for some simple—yet beautiful–custom-built stage drapes for the band Passion Music’s upcoming tour. They wanted something that would be translucent, but not necessarily as “see-through” as scrim. These drapes needed to be lightweight, sheer, and stunning all on their own, but also be able to have video and images projected onto them clearly. And most importantly, the drapes needed to be durable enough to survive being hung up and taken down again and again for shows in-house and while on tour.

They decided on some gorgeous, custom-built, IFR White Voile Tall Legs. These multi-functional drapes had webbing and ties on top, reinforced side hems, and a pipe pocket bottom so that they could either weigh them down when the drapes needed to be taut, or have them be able flutter with movement when they wanted a completely different look.

Easy to hang, easy to transport, and a lighting designer’s dream come true. Best of all, these versatile drapes were exactly what our client had envisioned for their tour’s stage design. Their lighting designer Davis Kornegay also did a phenomenal job with the lighting effects on the band’s staging, giving the entire appearance a truly inspiring and jubilant feel.

We are so unbelievably lucky to be able to work with such innovative and talented people all around the country, and with the people at Passion City Church especially. Let our team of rental and sales representatives help you get the drapes and custom soft goods that you have always dreamed of for YOUR OWN upcoming holiday productions and special events, too!