STORY is a two day conference for makers, creators and artists who tell stories in a variety of mediums, industries and settings. From canvas and screens to classrooms and stages, STORY is for storytellers of all kinds. Part instruction, part inspiration, attendees are challenged and stretched by innovative talks and unique performances. A place to meet new friends and connect with leading creative practitioners, but even more, to be challenged to become a better storyteller.

The room awaits the beginning of STORY 2017 while Krazy Kyle welcomes attendees with accordion music.

STORY 2017 took place on September 21-22 in Nashville, TN at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.  This year’s theme was “A Carnival of Curiosity” where they explored what it would look like to choose our curiosity over our fear. This year’s set design was by Josh Lazar of WAVE, under the direction of Harris III for Istoria Collective.

In this image from Facebook, Amena Brown presents at the Story 2017 Conference.

Photographer and Humanitarian Esther Havens talks about what it means to tell someone’s story through a photo.

STORY selected drapes from our Rockin’ Red Rental Drapery Collection for this installation.  With red drapery options that range from Austrian Backdrops and sky-high Legs to Grand Bi-Parting Drapes and Swagged Borders, this Rockin’ Red Drapery Collection lends itself to set designs from the romantic all the way to the dramatic. Add some elegance and super-chic flair to your special events with our luxurious Red Satin Austrian drape and coordinating velvety red drape legs. Here is a video showcasing how STORY installed and used our Crimson Venetian and matching Stage Legs to fulfill their spectacular “Carnival” themed stage design.

2017 Day One from Istoria Collective on Vimeo.

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In this image from Facebook, Liz Vice performs at the Story 2017 Conference

Musician Liz Vice performs during STORY 2017.

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