With the holiday season (shockingly!) right around the corner once again, we are being called upon to help our clients create dazzling, versatile, and most of all, memorable event designs using our gorgeous rental theatrical stage drapes. The popular direction to typically go with these designs is to use some of our rich and luxurious White, Gold, or Red Supervel Pleated draperies, or perhaps even our White Voile and Classic or Chameleon Stardrop LED curtains, too.

These drapery choices are wonderful, and would absolutely help you make a truly elegant stage for your special event. However, let us suggest that you and your production team think a little outside the box while creating the look for this year’s big holiday-themed parties, concerts, and other special shindigs—by blending in some of our genuinely breathtaking theatrical drapes from our Industrial Textures Rental Drapery Collection, too.

Our Aluminum Metal Mesh backdrops, legs, and borders are incredibly dynamic–by simply adding a splash of some colorful stage lighting you can completely change the mood and feel of the stage design from set to set, making them IDEAL stage pieces for venues featuring a wide-ranging group of artists or event themes.

Newer to our collection are these eye-catching Camo Legs (at various lengths), which are also extremely modifiable–as you can hang them frontward or backward to give your stage frame an exceptional, textured look. Layer them over our shimmery Silver or Pewter Textura Pleated Legs and you will surely wow your crowd!

And don’t forget our jaw-dropping one-of-a-kind Black Chaos Backdrop, which is perfect when you want a multi-dimensional, layered look created with a single, easy to hang drape. Hang it as the main stage drape behind your band, or as a focal piece at your special holiday event, and just throw some theatrical lighting on it to help set your event’s own distinctive motif. Let our team of experts help you find the most perfect combination of fabulous rental stage draperies for your upcoming holiday soirees, and help you create a completely exclusive look for your special holiday event.