It’s amazing to realize that 2017 marks 15 years since Sew What? Inc. debuted online! In honor of this milestone, I thought I’d go back in time and introduce our readers to the evolution of the company’s online presence.

First Website

It was 2002. Sew What? Inc. was still relatively small, housed in a 6,000 square foot leased space. When a potential client told Megan that the company needed a website, she jumped on the task. Despite no experience in building a website, Megan leapt into action, building the company’s first website in a single weekend using Publisher and clip art.

Website 2.0

Over the next few years, Megan continued to improve the website on her own. Then, in 2005, the company entered a period of tremendous growth. In addition to moving into a purchased 15,000 square foot warehouse and hiring a variety of sales and support staff, the company had also retained the services of a marketing agency to revamp the company’s branding and related marketing efforts. Enter a new professional website.

Rent What? Arrives

With the creation of Rent What? Inc. in 2008 came the need for a marketing strategy for the new company, including branding and a website. As a standalone companion company to Sew What?, the new company needed its own identity. What better way than with a website?

“It’s All Sew Biz” – A Blog Begins

As much as we loved the websites, we wanted a quicker, more immediate way to reach out to our customers. To educate them, to inspire them. From that desire emerged this blog in 2009.

Blog 2.0 – Mobile Friendly

By 2015, it was becoming clear that more and more people were accessing the web via mobile devices rather than computers. It was also clear that our websites and blog were not as “mobile-friendly” as we would like, and so a strategy was developed for a major redesign. This blog was the first to get a mobile-friendly makeover.

Website 3.0 – Mobile Friendly

Finally, in 2016, the newly designed mobile-friendly website went online. Initially, though much of the content remained the same, the website’s new design allowed us to reach out to mobile web users more effectively. By 2017, we began the process of adding more Rent What? content to the Sew What? website, allowing visitors to get all the information they needed on everything we offer – from custom stage curtains and rental stage drapes to purchased curtain track and rental solenoid systems – on a single portal.

Flickr. YouTube. Instagram. Pinterest. Facebook. Google+. Linked In. Oh My!

Over the years, we have expanded our online presence beyond our own website and blog to a variety of sharing and social media sites. Now, we can connect with others through a wide range of online resources.

What’s Next?

Back in 2002, we couldn’t even dream of what our online presence would become by 2017. Who can say what it will be in another 15 years? Only time will tell…