What better way for Sew What? Inc. to help another “Made in America” company out during National Ice Cream Month this summer…? Why, it’s easy! (and tasty, too!)

We had the amazing King Kone Ice Cream Truck come to our warehouse and give everyone the most sinfully delicious, refreshing, decadent ice cream treats ever imagined, and—if you know anything about how much we all love our sweets around here—it went down like gangbusters!

With custom-made options like ice cream sundaes, banana splits, chocolate malts, ice cream cookie sandwiches, root beer floats, Hawaiian shaved ice, and everything in between, there was an incredible option for every single kind of craving and preference. The sweeter and gooier, and more covered with sprinkles and nuts, the better!

Getting out of the office for little while, sharing some laughs with our colleagues and our lovely neighbors Aaron and the gang from Lowy Enterprises, and of course, having some delectable yumminess in the middle of the day is definitely something we absolutely love to do, and it really helps keep us all charged and energized! We are definitely planning to have an annual King Kone Day every summer from now on, as sometimes it takes a little extra “sweetness” to help keep the troops pumped and excited in this crazy madcap world of theatrical stage draperies and soft goods!