We love being able to offer our creative and imaginative clients rental drapery that fits their stage design needs, and yet still give them a completely one-of-a-kind look for their special events, concerts, and stage productions—right out of the hamper. Recently we were able to do just that for innovative production manager Elijah Schreiner and his expert theatrical design team over at LaGuardia High School for the Arts in New York City. They put on a very special year-end production of the renowned American musical “Gypsy,” and needed a gorgeous Grand Stage Drape for several key scenes in the play.

He was extremely glad that he chose our new 30’h x 60’w Dark Angel Drapery Set from our Timeless and Traditional rental drapery collection, and you can see why! It looked absolutely perfect with the lavish costumes, dramatic lighting, and talented actors and actresses that graced the stage for this memorable production. And as you can see by these fantastic photos provided to us by the production’s skilled photographer Matt Weber, the drape ended up becoming another eye-catching character on the stage itself.

This rich, velvety encore velour backdrop– adorned with “angel wing” rhinestone applique, silver and black chrome illusion fabric embellishments, and silver bullion fringe—superbly complemented the look of the play’s overall design. With added sensational theatrical lighting, the play’s director Harry Shifman masterfully used this bi-parting grand stage drape set to enhance the stage’s décor, and had it almost take on an individual life of its own. Let us help you find the perfect rental design touches for your upcoming concert tours, special events, and school productions, too!