Summer concert touring season is officially upon us, and there is no better time than now to start exploring the fabulous and versatile drapery design elements in our Oh So Swanky Rental Drapery Collection. Lightweight and easy to transport, these soft goods and stage “bijoux” will add excitement and drama to any stage motif, right out of the hamper! It’s a great opportunity to try out a different style without committing to just one look, so that your stage and lighting designers can get a much better idea of how fantastic they can look for your own stage design throughout the tour.

Want to add some sparkle and shine? Try out our light-as-air Mylar Rain Curtains to give your stage design some shimmery movement, texture, and dimension.

Interested in perhaps a more asymmetric and “avant-garde” feel? Check out our Illusion Ribbon Drape Kit with different styles of “baubles” that you can attach to the bottoms to give your stage a completely one-of-a-kind look.

Perhaps you already have your stage curtains set, but wanted to add a few accent pieces to give it a real “wow” factor….look no further than our seductive and silky fabric Goth Chandeliers.

AND THIS COLLECTION HAS SO MUCH MORE! All of the theatrical stage pieces in our Oh So Swanky Drapery Collection are a lighting designer’s dream come true—and can be mixed and matched to create a completely unique design that will be remembered long after the concert is over (like the design in the photo below, blending together the Illusion Ribbon Drape with a Mylar Rain Curtain backdrop—TRULY SPECTACTULAR!). Let our team of drapery experts help you add the crowning touch to your summer’s tour design—it’s what we love to do!