Nothing excites the audience faster than a stage adorned with shimmery and textured design décor that has movement all on its own. And now available and brand new from our dazzling array of stage bijoux in our ‘Oh So Swanky!’ Rental Drapery Collection is our 60’w Reflective Mobile Gold-Silver Discs Kit. Ranging in heights from 15’h to 26’w, this set of gold and silver reflective discs are set on clear strings, and hang from a webbed header with grommets and ties making it super easy to attach to any truss or rig. These discs are completely versatile and look absolutely spectacular in natural lighting, or they can reflect any color scheme you light it with to help brighten up any special event or concert design. Hang it in front of a scintillating silvery pre-pleated backdrop and swagged border like the ones in our Silver Satin Collection (as in the photo below), to add some depth and dimension to your stage’s style.

Or you can hang it in front of a simple rental Black Poly Muslin backdrop (as in the photo below) to create some fun shadows and texture to an otherwise open proscenium. And because these discs go with any color palette you have in your design, it’s a simple and effective way to add some real drama to the overall look and feel of your show.

Dressing up your stage to the nines has never been easier or looked more breathtaking than with the drapes and stage décor offered in our rental Specialty Drapery Collections. Mix and match from the various collections as you please, and you and your audience will not be disappointed with the end result! Contact a representative today so we can help find the perfect combination for your next special event–right out of the hamper.